My monitor died this morning, I turned the power on, all that happened is that the power light came on, nothing on screen, checked all the connections, rebooted the computer still nothing, so I guess that the CRT has given up the ghost after 10 years of heavy usage. So you ask how am I writing this blog entry without a screen, well the answer is telepathy… I have had a wireless implant installed in my head which talks directly to my wireless card on my PC. OK so I made that up, I had to spend out £130 on a new monitor, you can’t even buy a CRT these days, it’s all flat panel LCD TFT’s. But I am very happy with it, its a 19inch widescreen and the clarity difference between the two monitors is astonishing, it’s brighter, clearer and colours are much more vibrant. But it does seem strange seeing my websites designed for 800×600 resolution being in the middle of a 1440×900 display, but the extra workspace is great. I have one of these if you’re technically minded or a geek or both!

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