First hurdle sucessfully cleared!

I managed to get through the whole of Voodoo Open Mic without a single alcoholic drink being consumed by me, despite being offered a drink by a friend. It’s amazing how people suddenly offer to buy drinks when you tell them your on the wagon. Although saying that I did that to [DJ] Steve when he was on the wagon, so I can’t say much using the line “you’re letting the team down, get a drink” – so I know I am going to get in back double tomorrow. But I am determined not to crack, I want to do this for myself, I have felt so much better since stopping drinking. Much like a detox I suppose, now I just need to cut out the kebabs, then my body can be one of those temple things that people keep on telling me about! But tonight was a pretty good night, decent performances all round, only down side was a certain person who shall remain nameless giving me grief because I wouldn’t let him play after 1am, he knows the rules, it starts at 9pm, finishes at 1am, and it’s a first come, first serve basis and there was someone else ahead of him in the queue. But I maintained my cool and dealt with him the best you can a drunk person, basically saying “there’s no room for negotiation, I am closing at 1am, and there’s no point in arguing with me” – I had to raise my voice to get him to understand as my words seems to just be bouncing off! This is the whole reason I am giving up drinking, I don’t want to appear to be like that to others around me, I could see how irrational and irritating he was being because I wouldn’t bow down to his wishes, and I know I can be the same or get overly emotional, it’s the clean cut personality for me at the moment. I’m not saying that I will never drink again, but I need to stop binge drinking constantly, special occasions are fine, even then I need to keep control!

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