Kebabs N’ Coke

I’ve just finished eating yet another kebab, the fourth one in a seven day period. I bought one on Saturday before work, then bought another one before work on Tuesday, yet another kebab after a night out with DJ Steve on Wednesday, although I don’t remember buying it or eating it. Finally I bought another one on the way home tonight simply because I was hungry and the kebab shop is closest to where I live without taking a massive detour, and it was a better option than going to JFK’s. I really need to cut out these kebabs, I have added another 7lbs to my weight since last week, 15st 8lbs (99.1kgs/218lbs) I am now, which is well overweight for my height, not that I feel uncomfortable at this weight, but I don’t want it spiralling out of control, I’d rather not be heading towards 21st (136kgs/300lbs) with no brakes, but I should be fine, I have a reasonably active job!

But that said, I’ve had a good night, I got paid that money owed to me from last night, albeit out of Phil’s own pocket, and got paid a further £50 tonight, so I walked out of Voodoo Lounge with 100 English pounds in my pocket. But for the second night in a row, there has been a distinct lack of presence at gigs. Tonight there was only 23 paying customers in the house, the promoter that hired the venue didn’t even come close to covering his costs, infact I waved the venue hire fee, so they got to take £20 to help towards their travel back to Aberdeen. I’m really annoyed with myself now, I was going to point you all towards their myspace pages, but I can remember either of bands names, but suffice to say they were amazing on stage, and really nice guys to boot; they deserved much better tonight!

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