My self destructive nature strikes again!

I never should have gone out last night, specifically to JFK’s, it always brings out the worst in me. The night was completely pointless, I didn’t intend going, but Kelly talked me into going, I wish that I didn’t now. Firstly I fell out with Stephen over Alternation issues, I am thinking of readdressing that situation again now. Then I bought two pints, only to have one knocked out of my hand by some prick running through the bar area, I just saw red, I threw the other pint at the twat and left before I got thrown out, I’m probably barred again now, and I hope that they do, there won’t be any pressure to go from my friends as they’d know I am barred. What’s worse is that I turned totally self destructive when I left, I ripped my G’N’R hoodie off along with the T-Shirt underneath, then destroyed my mobile phone, that’s in pieces somewhere in Stonehouse. When I got home I cancelled my mobile phone contract and deleted my myspace profile, something that I have wanted to do for ages, but was thinking too logically to do it when sober; that damn thing only caused me hurt and annoyance. I don’t give a damn about the phone, it’s only a phone and can be replaced, but it had all my phone numbers on it, so I don’t have anyone’s number any more, I should get my new phone on Wednesday, along with a new number, there’s a few people that has my old number that I’d rather not have contacting me any more, I wont be giving out my number so freely this time, many people had it before for work and promotional purposes.

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