Stress Overload!

Normally I don’t get stressed at work, at least not in my sound engineering work, but last night pushed me to the limit, I very nearly walked out because of the childish behaviour of certain bands that shall remain nameless, but it wasn’t Even Nine, Lack of Discipline or Ti-Gon. Anyway, they were bitching about headlining all night as in they didn’t want to, they wanted two of the locals to headline, so they could go on second and third. That wasn’t possible because the other bands had other commitments, work and another gig in one case. I not saying all the members of these bands were arseholes, it was just certain members that let the rest of the band down. The net result is that they have now been added to the Voodoo Lounge band blacklist and will never be playing in Voodoo again. What put the final nail in the coffin for them was the fact that they said “you can just pay us our money and we’ll just leave”, to which Phil replied “I am not paying you unless you play” – which I think is fair, you don’t get money for nothing in this world. I hate bands that think because they are on tour, they are something special, bands like them are 10-a-penny and many of them are better musically and don’t have any attitude. I would say that 99% of all bands I work with are really nice down to earth people that play because they enjoy it, not up their own arse thinking everyone should bow down to them. You know what’s annoying, one of the aforementioned bands used to be really nice, but they lost a couple of members of the band, and suddenly they have this horrible attitude. I have to say I wasn’t very professional either, I did the bare minimum I could on the sound desk, I didn’t even attempt to make them sound good, if you’re in a band, never piss off the sound engineer!

It was good news for Plymouth Argyle yesterday when they visited Kenilworth Road beating the home team 1 – 2. David Norris gave Argyle the perfect start in the 4th minute with a headed goal from a pin point Peter Halmosi cross into the box. Peter Halmosi made it 2- 0 five minutes before the half time break with a superb curling shot into the bottom right of the net, even David Beckham would have been proud of the one. Ian Holloway would be mad not to take up the option to sign Halmosi in the summer, he will be a great asset to the team. Stephen O’Leary scrambled the ball into the back of the Argyle net in the 51st minute, but couldn’t break down the Argyle defence to get a equalising goal, if anything Argyle looked the more likely to score again. This result lifts Argyle back up to 13th in the league again, which is where we finished last season, but there are two home games and one away game left this season, so it’s possible to finish in 8th if we win all our games and other teams slip up, but we have a great chance to finish higher than last season even if it’s only 12th, it’s an improvement on last season, so it’ll be good for the club, players and fans alike!

Liverpool had their recent series of wins brought to an abrupt halt when they visited the City Of Manchester Stadium. The Blues frustrated Liverpool, the Reds couldn’t break through the Manchester City back line, and likewise City couldn’t break down Liverpool’s defence, but they did come closest to breaking the deadlock when DaMarcus Beasley saw his shot ricochet off the cross bar, the game ended up a disappointing 0 – 0 stalemate, which doesn’t help Liverpool’s cause with Arsenal winning against Bolton at The Emirates Stadium. Liverpool are still two points ahead of Arsenal in 3rd place, but slip up’s like this don’t help, but Arsenal haven’t exactly been in-form of late, so it’s still anyone’s place at the moment!

Looks like it could be a good season in Formula One for a change, Ferrari and McLaren are evenly matched and BMW are fast catching the pair of them. Felipe Massa won the race from pole position, but was hunted down all the way by rookie Lewis Hamilton who impressed again on his third race making history being the only rookie to finish on the podium in his first three races. The Englishman finished only 2 1/2 seconds behind the Ferrari. Kimi Raikkonen finished a disappointing 3rd 10 seconds behind team mate Massa. Nick Heidfeld finished in 4th yet again, with Robert Kubica in the sister BMW finishing 6th, Fernando Alonso was the meat in the BMW sandwich some 12 seconds off rookie team mate Hamilton, which shows how good Hamilton really is, he’s an exciting prospect for English fans. Toyota had their best finish this season with Jarno Trulli claiming 7th spot ahead of the struggling Renault team who only managed one point from the race with Giancarlo Fisichella finishing in 8th, 8 seconds ahead of team mate Kovalainen. I have to say a few words about David Coulthard who started in 21st and managed to fight his way up to 7th before suffering a drive shaft failure, Red Bull team mate Mark Webber also suffered from a technical failure in the same five lap period while sitting in 7th. So driver of the day for me has to be DC, what an amazing driving considering he doesn’t have the best car under him by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve just checked the world drivers championship standings and get this; Lewis Hamilton is joint leader with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on 22 points. This could mean that Hamilton may be the first British driver since Damon Hill in 1997 to win the F1 drivers crown, 10 years is a long time without a British driver winning the championship! No other British driver has a chance of claiming the championship this season, I am truly excited about the prospects for this season now!

Finally, this is fucking hilarious, nice one Google… Google announces new toilet based broadband service, TiSP, have a read, this is the best spoof I have seen in a long time!

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