The next two days…

Tonight and tomorrow night will be the first big tests of my resolve to stop drinking as these are the nights that I am more likely to drink in Voodoo. Tonight is open mic night which is probably the most boring night of the week for me as often I am sat around waiting for something to happen, so end up drinking while waiting, one drink leads to another, then another… you get the idea! Wednesday nights again are nights where I have very little to do, it’s not as boring as Tuesday night, but I tend to drink as I don’t feel left out as a lot of my friends are there drinking, maybe I should go down switch the equipment on a 9:45pm, then come home and go back at just before 2am to switch everything off, that way the temptation to drink is removed. Normal band nights I have no issues with drinking as I am too busy to stand around with a beer in my hand, my mind is occupied so drinking doesn’t even get given a second thought! The main temptation on a non working night will be Friday as all my friends go out drinking and it’s hard to resist the peer pressure, although I have been good the last couple of weeks with a little help from working on Fridays most weeks now. Lindsey said she wasn’t avoiding me, she doesn’t like me when drunk, the irony is she was out with friends over the weekend, what made me think she was avoiding me is the lack of replies to comments, emails and text messages, Lindsey normally replies to everything reasonably quickly and I hadn’t heard from her in days. But she called me up today after I sent a very elaborate email trying to explain how I find myself in this current situation, and the reply came back “you are stuck with me…forever” – which is nice to know, I would really hate to lose her as a friend and who knows what more in the future, I still want it to be more than just friends, but I can’t do anything about that at this stage in my life, but would love to pay a visit to Phoenix, Arizona sometime this year to actually meet Lindsey in person.

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