Over the last couple of weeks I have been noticing a load of idiots causing trouble in Voodoo Lounge, a few of them I even know, which is even more disappointing! Yesterday there was two fights downstairs, luckily it didn’t kick off upstairs, although there was a little trouble upstairs as well, a few guys messing about knocked over a table of drinks. There’s been trouble at Alternation as well, not the week just past, but the previous two weeks, a guy I know got started throwing punches at some other guy he got into an argument with, and a week before that a girl got pushed into the pillar just off the dance floor, and one of the bar supervisors was threatened while trying to calm things down. There has been numerous other incidents as well; this sort of behaviour is unacceptable really, why the fucking hell can’t people resolve their differences without it turning into a punch up, seriously what does it achieve? At the end of the day if this keeps on happening, then it’s going to ruin Wednesday nights as the night will be instantly closed down the minute any trouble kicks off leaving everyone else disappointed, that rule has come down from Voodoo management, and I agree with that. They should face the wrath of the people having their night ruined because of couple of twats out of a crowd of 70+ people. I have no tolerance for that sort of behaviour, I will give one warning for minor scuffles, then it’s a ban, threatening any member of staff or threatening/hitting a woman, it’s an instant life time ban. I don’t need that sort of trouble on a rock night, Voodoo used to be such an amazing place to go, rarely any trouble and everyone just got on and had a good time, all it’s taken is a few people to drink too much and get punchy, it ruined the night for everyone, bastards!

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