I went to refill my balance on allTunes ( and I find that I can no longer replenish my balance, so hence I can’t use the site anymore, despite the site being legal in Russia where the site is registered and hosted. It’s a case of the big corporate machine bullying the little guy into submission. VISA and Mastercard have blocked transactions using their cards, which rules most people out of using their cards with the site. Now ISP’s are blocking the payment page, I get a bad gateway error both on Virgin Media and Orange. It doesn’t achieve fuck all as people will just use p2p instead, it may take a little longer to download, but it’s completely free. I am not going to start using iTunes paying 79p per track loaded with shit loads of C.R.A.P. That’s £9.48 based on an average album of 12 tracks, which is only £1.51 less than an average CD off the shelf, which doesn’t add up in my books, almost £10 for something that doesn’t actually exist, it’s zeros and ones. Don’t think that it’s backed up on your iPod either, if your computer dies and you lose all your tracks, you would think you could copy it back from your iPod into your freshly installed iTunes, nope, doesn’t work that way. iTunes will tell you that your iPod is linked to a different library and proceed to wipe everything on your iPod if you have autosync on. So basically once you buy something from M$ or Apple, you might as well bend over and take it up the ass.

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