Could she really be ‘The One’?

As I said in my last post I have met someone on myspace, sounds familiar you say, ah but this is a real possibility to find love and I really hope that it is as Ali is such an amazing person and she is hot as hell, that body, that voice, my heart melts just thinking about her. Again it’s another big girl by society standards, but at size 16, that’s hardly big from my experience. Despite all the physical attraction (her myspace profile picture really doesn’t do her justice), I really feel like we have connected over the last three days, logging more than 6 hours of talk time, we have found many parallels in our lives, both looking after disabled parents, both not getting on with our brothers and a whole raft of shared ideals and wants from life, but as yet haven’t achieved those things, hopefully together we can achieve one of those wants by being together forever more. I feel like I am walking on air, when I talk with her, I feel like I can tell her anything, and she feels the same about me. But I am very nervous, I don’t want to mess this one up, I really can see myself spending the rest of my life with Ali, and she is willing to give up her life up in Manchester to come live with me down in Devon. Ali is coming down to stay with me for a couple of days the first weekend of June, although I am nervous as hell, I am excited beyond belief, could I really be meeting the woman of my dreams? and what amazing dreams they are, anyway… I already feel really strongly for her, and when I hear her voice on the telephone I can imagine her here with me, nothing dirty, just being able to have her here and hold her. It seems like fate that have met just as I have almost given up hope of finding that special person. I can really imagine us having kids, and growing old together, I want Ali so badly to be the one, it hurts!

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