I am a fruitcake magnet!

After Wednesday nights adventures, I though the rest of the week would be mundane and normal, oh no, nothing of the sort. Earlier this week I was contacted by a woman from Texas who I won’t name (I wouldn’t want to compromise her safety, it’ll become obvious when you read her last message to me) and she thinks she has fallen in love with me despite saying that she couldn’t love anyone that doesn’t love God, you see where this is going? Anyway, she has been contacting my friends on myspace and Jane has been playing games with here after asking if she was really a nurse, saying she isn’t really a nurse, she’s a high class escort saying to the crazy women what I prefer in the bedroom (all made up of course) after crazy woman asked what my fetish was. I hope she hasn’t contacted some of my other female friends as some of them may take it personally and think that I had something to do with it. Crazy woman has been almost stalking me, visiting all my friends like a jealous lover, I have no feelings towards her in that way, infact I dislike the woman now, guess I should have trusted my initial instincts and ignored her message on myspace, if you want to read the last message she sent me, keep reading, totally bizarre situation, it’s a mad world!

“Yeah. I thought U might run to her and tell her U were talking to me before I did. But I won’t. Love is kind. The light of God is in U, U have a guilty conscience. Also, I found out who else U were talking with and making a pond and flowers….PUKE! when U were talking to me U three timer! God you really do need an ego boost.

What R ya gonna do when U really do fall in love? R U going to stay on the conpooper all day then? R U going to keep some poor chick hanging on til U make up UR mind like Lindsey is doing to U? UR all in lust with her because she likes to drink too. Maybe it’s the scriptures mixed in with some lessons she learned in the shrinks office trying to deal with her weight, or the sudden epiphanys realized at the bottom of a glass.

UR comments didn’t start with her til April 30th. When did U meet her? UR all getting a phone with X on it so U can spend more TIME (irreplacable once it’s gone) talking to a chick that doesn’t even leave U a comment or let U know when she’s on the conpooper. Wake up!

I can look at anything I want. U looked at some of my frineds.

Why didn’t U tell me what it said on IM? I don’t want my real name showing. Don’t U care about my safety?

I probably shouldn’t help U out, because I wish U liked me, but you’re trying too hard. Do I scare U off sometimes because I act so wanting of U? Well that’s what UR doing to her. You’re too needy and it’s scaring her a little. Calm down and don’t be so I can’t wait til I talk to U, I want to beam up at UR place in a magic machine….blah, blah, blah. If U back off just a little, she’ll let U back in!

Good luck honey, UR happiness means a lot 2 me :)

As 4 me, I’m going to make some cold hard cash for the next 3 months. Buy a couple big houses. Rent one out to 4 college kids for $500.00 each and live in the other one. I’m a Proverbs 31 woman.
Wish U’d like me and Jesus more. But I’m cutting my losses and wishing U well with the lust of UR life.
My heart really beats for U. I haven’t felt this kind of dull, sad, ache in my chest in years! Thanks a lot!

—————– Original Message (from me) —————–

You told me, Angie, Angel… and it said your name on that voice message thing on your page. Which means that you’ve been checking out Lindsey’s page again as I haven’t written your name anywhere else!

—————– Original Message (from her) —————–

How did U know my real name? I never told U. I told U my name is Angel. Who told U my real name?”

This is definitely not normal behaviour, how can you feel this way about someone that you hardly know? I know that I feel incredibly strongly for Lindsey, but we spent a whole month solid together and shared many intimate moments. I never led crazy woman on in anyway, I made it clear that I was interested in someone else, maybe it’s just because I showed her some attention, most people just run and that’s what I should have done as well. Lets face it; conspiracy theories, chips planted in her head at boot camp, being tracked and spied on constantly, and having all her ideas stolen from her; it’s all too far fetched for me!

But other than that, this week has been pretty good, I have made a few more new myspace/instant messenger buddies. Got to finally talk with Raechel in South Australia, Ali from Manchester as well as Jill from Indiana who I have known for more than six months on myspace. Anyone that knows me will know how I love to talk, so all this attention is great, it seems to be women that contact me mostly, which is fine by me, I like female company!

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