The win has to be inevitable, doesn’t it?

It was another excellent performance for rookie Lewis Hamilton beating his more illustrious and experienced team mate Fernando Alonso for the second race in succession. Felipe Massa won the race after a tangle with Alonso in the first corner, sending the Spaniard off into the gravel damaging his car in front of his home crowd. Lewis Hamilton finished only 6.7 seconds behind the Brazilian when the Ferrari driver backed off. Fernando Alonso finished 10.6 seconds behind Hamilton after struggling with handling after his off on the first lap. Robert Kubica turned the tables on his team mate Nick Heidfeld to finish in 4th, while Heidfeld retired. David Coulthard had a change of fortunes finishing 5th, narrowly holding off Williams’ Nico Rosberg. Heikki Kovalainen brought his Renault home in 7th 62 seconds behind the race winner, and Takuma Sato brought his Super Aguri home in 8th to claim Super Aguri’s first point of the season. Driver of the race for me has to be David Coulthard who drove from 9th on the grid to finish 5th in a car that really doesn’t deserve to finish that high up. But Lewis Hamilton will be hitting all the headlines again, and so he should, he has done amazing considering this is only his 4th race and has finished on the podium in every race. It’s only a matter of time before Lewis Hamilton wins his maiden GP.

I’ve neen talking with Ali more and more, every time I talk with her I am more and more sure that she is the one I will spend the rest of my life with. We can relate to each other better than I have done with anyone else on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. My feelings for her are growing by the day, I can’t bare going a day without talking with her, and we text each other all the time, last night she woke up and felt compelled to text me. Now Ali wants to come visit me sooner, the first weekend of June seems so far away for both of us. I really can’t wait to meet her in person, we both need to remove any remaining doubts in our mind. Both of us will be devastated if there isn’t a spark when we meet, we have both put so much time and energy into building a relationship and feelings up to where we are now. Ali makes me feel good and I make her feel good, I have never had this sort of feeling with any of my American prospects, maybe because I knew that American girls were never a real prospect because of all the difficulties with relocating. It’s relatively simple for myself and Ali to make it work, 300 miles is easier than over 5000 miles, not to mention cheaper to make it happen! Anyway, I am getting very excited about meeting Ali and it could be very soon indeed, she asked if I minded if she visited earlier, obviously I don’t mind, I’d love it, but it could be as early as next week, which would be amazing but at the same time I am nervous, which shows how important it is for me as I rarely get nervous about anything!

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