Attempt #2

I previously written that I have tried to give up drinking, but fell off the wagon after just over a week, I am now going to attempt it for a second time, but this time I have other motivations instead of doing it for a woman (it’s all in the archives). I have been forced to stop drinking for the next three weeks at least to be able to cover my outgoings for the month. In the last 10 days I have spent close to 200 quid on booze, which is extreme even for me. It’s not even like I enjoy myself much when drinking, I am just drinking for the hell of it in an attempt to try to make myself feel a little better about my fucked up life. I have been messaging a woman on myspace from Plymouth and we are going to arrange to meet up soon for a coffee or go for a walk, basically anything other than being in a pub. She doesn’t drink so that will help me stay away from the pub and drinking, I suppose I drink so much because most of the people I know spend most of their lives drinking when not working, so I need some people that doesn’t drink in my life. Get back to a time when I didn’t need to drink to have fun, just simple things like walking in the country or playing board games/cards with friends. There is no romantic intentions on my part towards her at this time, I am just looking for new friends as she is; and I question some of my other friends; are they really friends or drinking buddies? I never see any of them outside of work and we never arrange to socialise outside of work and do something non-alcohol related!

I read this news article on the BBC News website and I have one word to say “OUCH!”. A Liverpool woman ripped off her ex boyfriends left testicle with her bare hands after he rejected her advances at a house party. The woman then put the testicle in her mouth and tried to swallow it before choking on it and spat it back out. Now this is the part I found funny, and I quote “A friend handed it back to Mr Jones saying: ‘That’s yours.'” – I’m sure it wasn’t funny for the poor guy that now only has one testicle, but you can’t read the article without having a chuckle at its absurdity – It’s something that you couldn’t make up!

McLaren favour Hamilton” claims Fernando Alonso, or as I would put it Alonso has sour grapes after being outclassed by Hamilton in his rookie season. Even if the claims are true; there’s no point moaning about it, just get on with it and prove that you are the better driver, it sounds like an excuse for his own failings this season so far. Lewis Hamilton has driven six almost flawless races so far this season which can’t be said for the Spaniard. Why these drivers talk to the press about things like this baffles me, it just comes across as toys being thrown out of the pram because they can’t get their own way, and this isn’t the first time that Alonso has done this sort of thing running to the press when things aren’t going his way. I just think that Hamilton is probably the most naturally talented driver on the current F1 grid, the results speak for themselves really, six races in his rookie season and never been off the podium, that’s a record breaking achievement, even the great Michael Schumacher never achieved that! Although it’s hard to compare Hamilton to Schumacher as they have never raced against each other and Schumacher didn’t jump straight into the best car on the grid at the start of his career either. Legendary commentator Murray Walker has said that Lewis Hamilton can win his first world drivers title in his debut season – so that’s put the kiss of death on that idea… if you’ve been watching F1 as long as I have, you’ll realise that when Murray says something like that; the opposite usually happens.

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