I found out yesterday after I made the entry for the day that someone has been talking to others behind my back and could have very easily ruined a budding friendship. What was said is that I get confused about women’s intentions towards me and make assumptions that they have romantic intentions towards me. That couldn’t be further from the truth, in the past few years I have only had those feelings towards 3 woman and each of them reciprocated those feelings at varying levels with the latest being Ali. Sure I have seen someone out in a pub/club and had a physical attraction to them, but that’s not the same as wanting to pursue a long term relationship. Anyway luckily the woman that it was said to asked me about my feelings for her and in simple terms I have no attraction to her in any other way than a friendship for a number of reasons, the main one being my feelings for Ali, I need time to heal before I can even entertain the possibility of another relationship, I want good friends at this time. But people talking behind my back (and those people don’t even know me on personal level) could have ruined that friendships if that person believes what is being said about me. In reality there are very few people out there that I talk to about personal stuff, maybe 3 or 4 people. I may express my feelings on the blog, but my deepest feelings stay inside, writing these feelings down helps me deal with my issues!

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