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If you are at all surprised that socialite Paris Hilton has been released from her 23 day jail sentence (already reduced from 40 days for good behaviour) after just three days? Hilton was released for undisclosed medical reasons after just three days of her 23 day sentence. No-one know’s for sure what these medical reasons are, but it has been rumoured to be psychological reasons, claustrophobia being the likeliest reason. But you have to say that it comes down to ‘money talks’ – any other inmate would have had to complete her sentence if suffering from psychological issues, or would be moved to a secure psychiatric hospital. But what did Paris Hilton get, being put under house arrest in her luxury Hollywood mansion for 40 days. The poor Hollywood starlet is restricted 3,000 – 4,000 feet of her home and will need to wear an ankle bracelet electronic tag. It just proves that money can make anything happen, and US government departments are well known for corruption.

Finally us English fans have something to cheer about in football with England beating Estonia 3 – 0 in Tallinn. It’s not exactly a major achievement, let’s face it, Estonia haven’t scored a single point in seven games, so if England drew or even worse lost against them, I think Maclaren’s days as coach would have been numbered! It just shows what a major influence David Beckham is out on the right wing, suddenly England have the width to be able to attack down the channels. I still question Lampard inclusion in the team, he has been completely ineffective in the middle of the park, Maclaren needs to pick either Lampard or Gerrard, they can’t play together in the middle of the park, my choice would be Gerrard for obvious reasons. Joe Cole opened the scoring for England eight minutes from half time with a superb turn and shoot effort after Peter Crouch headed on a long thrown in. David Beckham provided the perfect ball in for Peter Crouch to double England’s lead with another superb headed effort, this time straight into the back of the net! Michael Owen sealed the victory in the 61st minute making it 3 – 0 to England, again David Beckham provided that pin point cross to the far post for an easy tap in for Owen. England are still in 4th in the table, but lay only four points off the top of the table, so it’s in England’s court now needing to beat Croatia and Russia later in the year, having to face Russia home and away. I have to eat my own words now, in the past I have been very critical of David Beckham, but last night he excelled, probably the best player on the park, but during previous games/tournaments he has been poor, and most of that comes down to Eriksson’s insistence on playing Beckham in every game even when not playing well. When Beckham is playing well he is possibly the best right winger on the planet, but when he’s playing badly he is a hindrance on the team, so as long as he remains in form, I welcome Beckham in the England line up, now we need to get rid of that donkey in the middle of the park, Lampard; he’s great for Chelsea, absolutely atrocious for England and shows no sign of improvement!

The West Indies have made England battle for runs in the 3rd test at Old Trafford. England slumped to 166 – 5 after Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pietersen and Paul Collingwood got out cheaply, making only 25 runs between them. Ian Bell stabilised things with Matt Prior guiding England through to 264 before Prior was caught by Morton, England finished the day on 296 -7 with Bell not out on 77 runs; it’d be great to see at least on England player make a century, but will he run out of partners before that’s possible? I think England need to aim to make a minimum of 350 to set the Windies a decent target, let’s hope that the Windies have another catastrophic batting collapse, but I think England won’t have such an easy time in Manchester, hopefully Monty can weave his magic with the ball again.

You can tell when your drinking too much when you look at your pictures on your mobile and cant remember taking them and even more bizarre is finding a Zippo lighter in my pocket, I don’t even smoke. I need to get my act together, I can’t go through life drinking every night to escape my feelings of loneliness and depression, maybe I should accept being a singleton and try to be happy. My desire to not be single is making me increasingly unhappy, and alcohol doesn’t help that feeling! I have lots of good friends but that doesn’t help my feelings when I get home and get into a big bed on my own, I’m not going to look for that special person, I’m going to try to get back to a time when I was happy going out with friends and having a good time, something that hasn’t truly happened for some time!

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