Record Breaker!

It’s Wednesday, well technically Thursday morning now, but anyway… it was a bumper night for us at Alternation; a massive 107 people paid to get into the night. Although quite a lot came very late between 1am and 1:30am, really baffles me that one. Anyway, it was a good night, it looked busy and the dance floor was packed for most of the night even during my ska metal half hour, but there’s no pleasing some people, certain people kept on demanding that I play heavy stuff constantly, there’s a vast variety of people there, so I have to try to cater for all tastes, I think we managed to pull it off tonight and the numbers backed that up! I am quite proud of myself really, I had a couple of pints before the night started to relax me a bit before starting DJ’ing, then I went to the Skiving Scholar for a pint after work then grabbed some food from Jakes as I had only eaten a couple of sandwiches all day. The only disappointment was the bar takings, although better than most nights upstairs, it didn’t beat the previous bar record for the night. But that was probably because of people going downstairs to get drinks because the bar was busy upstairs and people coming in very late in the night. I am thinking of changing the pricing structure for the night very soon, something like £1 before midnight and £2 after midnight, which is still cheaper than comparable nights such as the Quay Club, I don’t even consider JFK’s competition, that place is well out of our league in every way, and they can get away with charging £5 after 11:30pm. We’ll see what happens, but I want to give people the incentive to come to the night earlier instead of seeing a scattering of people until after midnight!

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