Series Win!

England have secured the test series win against a rather lacklustre West Indian side with a 60 run victory at Old Trafford. Shivnarine Chanderpaul made the home team sweat it out as he resolutely defended his wicket but eventually he ran out of batting partners, finishing the innings on an unbeaten 116 from 257 deliveries in difficult conditions. But at lunch everyone was thinking, what if Chanderpaul stays in, all it would have taken was for each of the three batsman to stay in and defend while Chanderpaul played his shots and England could have been the losing side. But thankfully Steve Harmison took two wickets in three deliveries after lunch to reduce the Windies to 385 – 9, and it was King Monty that finished the West Indies innings off when Corey Collymore edged Panesar’s delivery to Ian Bell. Monty claimed his first 10 wicket haul of his test career, four in the first innings and six in the second innings. He has quickly proven that he is the best English spinner in the game at the moment, there has been muted mentions of him being the new Shane Warne, but I don’t believe he’s that good; at least not yet, but he’s definitely got potential to be that good!

American laws are incredibly bizarre; I have just read this article on the BBC News website and I can’t believe what I read. A 17 year old (barely a) man, Genarlow Wilson was sentenced to a 10 year prison sentence for child molestation after receiving consensual oral sex from a 15 year old girl at a new years eve party back in 2003. Now what I find strange is that if he actually had sexual intercourse with the girl he would have been charged with a misdemeanour offence and would have gotten a lot lighter sentence and would have been out by now. So it summary, its better to have penetrative sex with an under-age girl than receive a blowjob, what kind of fucked up law is that? I am not condoning what the guy did; but at the same time there was only two years difference between the two parties and it was consensual, how was he to know she was 15 years old, it’s damn hard to tell these days as many clubs around the world are slack on checking ID including some of the clubs I have frequented in the past; not mentioning any names. The thing that amused me about this case is that the defendants attorney is a woman called BJ Bernstein; how’s that for irony?

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