Cheers Then!

Tonight is the first night of Alternation without me and each and every day I find out little things which make me think that I don’t have any real friends, with the exception of Phil and Steve (my co-DJ for the last few weeks). It turns out that suddenly Kelly and Stephen have volunteered the use of both their laptops to help keep the night running. Strange how that didn’t happen when I was involved, then Stephen basically refused to let us use the laptop which pretty much forced me into buying it despite not actually being able to afford it. It seems to me that people that I thought were my closest friends are quite happy to stab me in the back, but that’s good, I know where I stand now. If I am honest I should have walked away when the band nights folded after a couple of months, there really was no need for me to be there. Really there was no need to take on Kelly, there was really no need for a four person team once there was no more bands being put on. I am a little sad that I can’t DJ with Steve anymore, I really enjoyed working with Steve, we had a good laugh while we played good music and not so good music. We worked incredibly well together and I will miss that, but I won’t miss the politics of the whole situation, it was never a team effort no matter what Stephen and Kelly thought, Steve never thought that it was a team effort, he turned up on the night, and got paid for his services, and was quite happy doing that! Apparently Kelly is getting new posters printed (obviously without my artwork) and has got someone to turn on the PA, but that isn’t going to work as that person has to be on the Voodoo approved list to use the rig, we are not letting random people fuck around with the rig, that’s how it was broken in the first place, idiots messing with the system. I wish I never got involved now, things have gone downhill drastically since I started this night. Guess that’s a lesson learned, never work with friends, it’s all going to end in tears… I’m not really bothered about losing Stephen as friend, it’s not like we have done anything together in ages, and Kelly really never was a friend, she was always really the little sister of my friend!

[Update: 25/07/07 – 22:48] That confirmed everything [/Update]

I went down to Voodoo to set up the system to make sure no damage is done for Alternation, and to my alarm I find the gains cranked right up on the DJ mixer, courtesy of the owner again I have been reliably informed. I look in the sound booth to find that there is no compression running on the DJ mixer channels. All supervisors should be trained to use the system properly for DJ nights if the owner isn’t willing to shell out for either myself or Phil to come down to set up. I also took the laptop down just in case Steve was stuck with only CD’s; I have nothing against Steve, he’s done no wrong to me. But the thing that confirmed everything for me was the fact that suddenly Stephen was back DJ’ing with his new laptop after saying he wanted to concentrated on other things, which shows his issue was with me, as he wouldn’t even let us borrow his spare laptop that I now own (I was forced to buy it to keep the night alive). I am glad to be out of there really, just a shame I didn’t do it before I spend 250 quid on the laptop. I have removed the myspace and facebook profiles for Alternation, so my name isn’t linked to Alternation in any way now!

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