I haven’t changed my mind about Wednesday, I am not staying involved as it stands, but I have a potentially lucrative proposal for the owner. Free entry to the night, and we take 10% of the bar takings and we know the rock crowd can drink. So in simple terms, if the bar makes £500, then we make £50; if the bar makes £1500 then we make £150, but the flip side is if the bar makes £50, we only make £5. I do enjoy DJ’ing the night, myself and Steve get on really well and we have a laugh as well as playing music that everyone enjoys. It’d be a shame to let the night die, we have built up a reasonable following and some of our following have already expressed concern at losing the night. The night isn’t working in it’s current form, obviously being free entry means that we no longer need anyone to sit on the door, so hence one less mouth to feed, which means we don’t need to make so much money. I could do it on my own, but it’s easier with two DJ’s and I enjoy working with Steve, we are both very much on the same wavelength. So it comes down to the owner now, whether he wants to play ball, or else Voodoo will find themselves without a Wednesday night event upstairs. It’s not that I am being greedy, but I need to make back what I put in financially and that simply isn’t happening at the moment. So unless things change I will sell the laptop on and forget about DJ’ing. I didn’t buy the laptop for my own personal use, it was bought specifically for the DJ night, if the DJ nights disappear then so does the need for a laptop.

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