I hope it was worth it?

I was reading on the Register that a 20 year old man was caught masturbating in his cell by a female prison guard and was prosecuted for his act of “indecent exposure” and sentenced to an extra 60 days of penal servitude on top of his 10 year sentence for armed robbery. The defendant Terry Lee Alexander’s attorney argued that his cell was a private space, so Mr. Alexander couldn’t be charged with indecent exposure by definition. But the jury decided that his cell was neither a public nor private space, but a “limited access public place”. Apparently the same female guard had put seven other inmates up on the same charge, anyone think she is in the wrong job if she is so easily offended by such acts, it’s hardly a capital crime now is it? Of course this story could only come from one place, yes that’s right it’s from the good ol’ US of A. Click here to read the full article, you just have to laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation, it’s almost too bizarre to be true!

My break away from Voodoo could be extended by another day, I was due to be working tonight, but because of difficulty getting bands to play as it’s Maker Festival weekend means that the gig tonight is likely to be free entry, so Phil won’t make any money, hence he will be doing the sound himself as he doesn’t have to pay himself. It’s rather annoying from my point of view as I am now struggling to make rent as this is the second Friday in a row that a gig has been cancelled, which means that I am down £85 on what I would have earned this month. I’m not blaming Phil at all, circumstances mean that neither of us have earned any money this weekend, it’s the way things go sometimes. But this does make me wonder the about the wisdom of being a sound engineer if I am constantly struggling to cover my bills each month. I could get a day job, which I would hate, but it’s guaranteed income every month, something that I don’t have at this time working as a sound engineer. So it’s a trade off, do a job that I’d hate and have a stable income or do a job I love, but risk not being able to pay the bills every month, I fear that I may have to opt for the former option!

McLaren have been found guilty of being in possession of a Ferrari technical dossier but no charges have been brought because there is no evidence that the information had been used in development of the MP4-22. As McLaren had not benefited from the stolen information, the FIA have allowed McLaren to compete the rest of the season without penalty. But should new evidence come to light, McLaren could be back in the dock and potentially could be excluded from the 2007 season effectively gifting Ferrari the drivers and constructors crowns. Obvious Ferrari are up in arms about this decision, which I think is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Ferrari are no stranger to controversy, just accept it and move on, the decision is final, shut your mouth and let the performance on the track do the talking, it’s shaping up to be a great battle between McLaren and Ferrari.

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