So last night then…

Let’s start at the beginning, usually a good place to start don’t you think? Alternation was very bizarre to say the least, the smoking ban has hit really us hard. We only had 71 people in and most of the people spent the night stood outside smoking, so the place looked deserted for most of the night apart from the occasional song when a dozen people came into dance. The main concern with that is that people are using the fire doors to go outside to smoke, which is a problem for two reasons; (1) noise pollution, the rig is pretty damn loud’ and (2) it allows people to just walk in without paying. Obviously the second one is more of a concern for me as there is no security to stop this happening and we are losing out on money which makes me re-evaluate my desire to keep the night running. [RANT] Yet again it’s government meddling that has fucked everything up. The Voodoo Lounge has been incredibly empty recently, nearly everyone has been sat outside smoking, open mic night was a complete joke; at one point there was only two guys performing and three members of staff in the bar. A better solution would be to have a clear sign outside pubs and clubs stating this is a “Smoking” or “Non-Smoking” pub then punters and employees can make an informed choice. I believe that any pub that serves food should be non smoking, but in the case of The Voodoo Lounge after 6pm we no longer serve food. This country is becoming more of a big brother nation / nanny state by the day, basically the government is dictating what we can and can’t do. Having a drink and a smoke go hand in hand and I wouldn’t be surprised to see many small pubs close because of this smoking ban. People will just buy drinks in and stay home and invite a few mates around for a drink instead. [/RANT] Later I went to the Skiving Scholar for a couple of beers with Jack and Kelly and Kelly’s new lesbian friend, Kelly’s friend couldn’t get into the Scholar, so we ended up in Ride until 4am when Kelly was invited back to her friends house, but Kelly wouldn’t let me go home as she wanted me to come along to protect her from evil lesbian woman, OK so she wasn’t evil, but Kelly was terrified that she was going to try something on and I think that she would have if I wasn’t there, at least that’s the impression I got. Kelly was holding onto me for dear life and eventually fell asleep on me, which wasn’t the most comfortable position for me, but at least Kelly felt safe although she didn’t really want to stay but as I didn’t know exactly where we were, I knew we were in Honicknowle, but no idea of street name or number, so ordering a taxi would have been a tad difficult! We eventually left at 11am and caught the bus into town, bit of a mad night really, didn’t help that I had to pay for the taxi as well, which just about sums up my fucked up life at the moment, another story to tell the grandchildren!

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