I’ve been thinking…

Since I read this article about a woman that is suspected to listening to an mp3 player while on jury service has escaped a contempt of court charge due to insufficient evidence. The woman was suspected of listening to music during a murder trial in Blackfriars Crown Court and has dodged jury service on few occasions prior to this incident. Now this brings up the question, in the UK jury service is a requirement, if you are unlucky enough to get called up for jury service, you can’t simply say NO, you have to do it or be held in contempt of court. Surely that means that’s a breach of peoples civil liberties yet it’s been common practice to breach our civil liberties whenever the justice system feels that it’s your turn to sit in a court room for however many days, weeks or months it takes to conclude the trial. I never really thought about this issue until now, but my take is that the justice system is forcing people into doing something they may not want to do in the *so called* free society.

To expand on yesterdays breaking news that I will officially be DJ’ing at Alternation. I have known for a while that the night had no more overhead for growth as a paid entry night. So it was a logical decision to make the night free entry and for Voodoo to pay myself and Steve as DJ’s. I feel a little bad about ousting Kelly in this way, but at the same time I feel that I was painted into a corner by her and Stephen when Stephen decided to quit out of the blue and withdraw his laptop leaving us up shit creek without a paddle, forcing me into buying his laptop. Then when I quit Kelly suddenly lets her laptop be used for the night, it seems all too convenient to me! I am still paying back the loan for the laptop now, so I needed the money from Wednesday nights to pay that loan off. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so I have to think of myself instead of thinking of others at my own expense!

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