Never mind Ferrari!

Lewis Hamilton was screwed by his own team mate Fernando Alonso in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. It was clear for everyone to see, with 90 seconds left in Q3, the McLaren’s were queued for a tyre change. Alonso in front and the Spaniard sat there more than 10 seconds after the lollipop was lifted looking in his mirrors before setting off while the mechanics and team bosses were screaming at him to get on with it. This didn’t leave enough time for Hamilton to get around the track to start his final flying lap before the chequered flag came out. Alonso took pole by just over a tenth of a second, while Hamilton was denied a response and starts from second. It’s obvious what happened, the reaction of team boss Ron Denis and Lewis’ body language even if he didn’t say anything officially in the post qualifying press conference. Which does make me think that Hamilton has the upper hand on Alonso, if Alonso thought he could beat Hamilton on merit he wouldn’t need to resort to such dirty tactics. The Ferrari’s were well off the pace with Raikkonen being out qualified by Nick Heidfeld in the BMW and Felipe Massa didn’t even make it into Q3 and will start from 14th. Nico Rosberg will start from 5th in the Williams, Ralf Schumacher joins Rosberg on the third row. Robert Kubica, Giancarlo Fisichella, and Jarno Trulli will start in 7th, 8th and 9th respectively and Mark Webber rounds out the top 10 qualifiers. Tomorrows race will certainly be explosive with both McLaren drivers on the front row given what happened in today’s qualifying session. I think that Lewis will have that extra motivation now to get past Fernando in the first corner, not that he needs any motivation, I just hope he doesn’t take any unnecessary risks and take both McLaren’s out of the race, that won’t help either driver or the team and will allow Ferrari to make further gains.

For the past week I have been visiting my dad’s place to eat as I have been skint and expected the rent to be collected on the 1st, it’s now the 5th and there is still no sign of the landlord to collect the rent. So in reality I could just just bought some food earlier in the week and replaced the money today as last night was the first night I worked since the 1st. But it would have been just like it if I did spend some of the money on food, the landlord would have been around on the 1st to collect. Guess it doesn’t matter now really, it’s in the past, I have no control over the past, I just have to look forward and try not to repeat the mistakes I have been making the last few months. I have to say I don’t have the same urge to drink after work anymore, I used to drink until closing and beyond just because I didn’t want to come home. But because I have been sleeping nights now I am feeling tired so come home and go to bed, hopefully I can stick to that sleeping pattern now, going to bed between 1 – 2am and getting up at 10am, if I cut out the drinking, I’ll have so much extra money at the end of the month to spend on more tangible things like DVDs and other toys.

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