So then…

Alternation last night, it was OK, I quite enjoyed DJ’ing on my own, but getting away from the DJ box to get a drink or go to the toilet isn’t as easy as it would seem. While one song is playing I have to queue up another track which takes 60 – 90 seconds, then suddenly there’s only 2 minutes left of the song playing, so getting away is difficult unless I play something obscenely long. Steve is likely to be back next week, although that means I won’t earn as much personally, but it’s more fun with two people DJ’ing, we always bounce ideas off each other and have a laugh. As usual I can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you always get people bitching and moaning that I am not playing the music they requested. At the end of the day there was three indie fans in a room full of metalheads and I played a fair bit of indie early on for them before it go busy. But they still gave me a pointless request slip saying something along the lines of “stop playing shity metal / cock rock and change the music” – I was going to play a couple of songs they requested before I got that message, but changed my mind when I read that. I am fed up of people demanding that I play everything that they request, in reality, if there are 60 people in the room, I can play one request from each person based on four minute songs. I don’t mind people handing in lists of songs they would like to hear, but I get a bit narky when they moan about me not playing every song on their list. The group of three I mentioned earlier requested more than 20 songs, and I played at least half dozen of their requests in the first two hours, most of the songs wouldn’t be played at the Quay Club or JFK’s, so you’d think they’d be grateful wouldn’t you? Anyway, that aside, it’s was an good night overall, not as busy as I hoped, but the bar did reasonably well and it’s just before pay day for most people and it’s also Reading & Leeds weekend as well, so I’d consider the night to be a success. And I think most people were happy with the selection of music played, and most people got at least one song played for them, and anything I didn’t have, I got them to write it down so I could get it for the next week, so hopefully they’ll be back and I can play it for them. It’s a pet hate of mine when DJ’s say things they don’t mean, so I make a point of doing what I promise, and that gets us fans because we do as we promised! Anyway, another three weeks and the students will be back in town, so I have a few weeks to get promoting like mad, it’ll be nice to play to packed room, not really done that since the launch night seven months ago.

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