Wednesday Night!

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s entry that I was thinking of going down to Alternation for a few beers, and that’s what I did, but after standing in the DJ box for an hour with Steve I realised Kelly’s laptop doesn’t have most of the music that’s required. Request after request came in that wasn’t on the laptop, so I had enough and ran home to get my laptop as I knew that I had all the songs that had been requested. Although I wasn’t officially there, I did indulge in a little DJ’ing which was actually good fun, myself and Steve always have a laugh when DJ’ing together. I was probably too drunk to DJ really, but what the hell, I got to play a few songs that I wanted to try out and they went down really well surprisingly. Although a few tracks were educated guesses as I recognised a few people from the Dark Angels EBM night. There are plans afoot for some changes to the format and I will be taken over control again, but that depends on whether the owner agrees to my terms. If these plans go ahead, he’ll make so much more money at the bar as the place will be packed after a few weeks of intensive promotion. But I regret going out to the Scholar afterwards, I should have just gone home as I had already had enough to drink really. After being there for a little under an hour, Phil went out for a cigarette and the security wouldn’t let him back in despite having a pint sat on the bar. I went out to talk with Phil to find out what happened and was told in no uncertain terms by security to go back in, this isn’t the first time I have had run ins with the security at The Scholar, They seem to escalate situations rather than calm down situations, if I was a more confrontational person I probably would have taken it further with them and probably have gotten barred! Tonight was another Voodoo gig, which was a good one, but the headline act, Crazy Arm had their own engineer, and it was all too loud for me, so I went outside to get away from the noise. Don’t get me wrong, the engineer Neil is very good and it sounded very balanced, but I question the need for the insane volume levels playing to 50 people in a small venue, guess myself and Neil will never see eye to eye on that subject. Now I am home my ears a still ringing an hour after the music stopped; oh well at least I have tomorrow night off, Phil is doing that gig, so a quiet night in for me!

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