Illness & Irony

Over the last few days I have been feeling like death warmed up, it’s feels like I have been hit by a train, then reversed back over for good measure. I don’t get ill very often but when I do, I get really ill. Wednesday and last night were awful in work, it’s not fun working under the lights and heat of a room packed with heat generating sound amplification equipment when the air conditioning has stopped working. For the whole of last night my nose was running like a tap and my eyes watering constantly. I really didn’t feel like going into work, but the need to earn money is a powerful driving force. I am glad that I did go in now as I saw an excellent band called Cinders Fall, very much Killswitch Engage-esque in style, very tight and very entertaining, shame about the turn out, the decision to make it free entry for the final band paid off which I am glad off, its nice for the band to play to 30 people instead of the six people that actually paid! I was that impressed that I bought their CD and I am very impressed with that as well as traditionally good live bands make poor recordings.

Now for the irony; I was contacted by a woman from America (I’m mentioning no names) via myspace about a week ago and we exchanged messages for a couple of days, then moved onto instant messenging, where I cheekily asked for her phone number, which I never expected to get! For some reason she had no hesitation in giving me her number. We have been talking on the phone for about 2 hours a day for the last four days and we are being drawn together. Now this is where it gets complicated, I do really like her as a person and *if* we happened to at least be in the same state, let alone country we would certainly going on a date to see what could happen. Before my doubters jump to conclusions I am not in love with her, but I do have feelings of more than friendship for her as she does for me, but we are both realistic about our expectations. If nothing else I think we will be great friends for life. We are obviously both frustrated that we can’t find someone in our own countries/states and when we find each other, we are 3000 miles apart. She is looking for a guy like me and I am looking for a girl like her and we clearly have a lot in common and get on incredibly well, Oh well I am not going to dive in head first and get hurt again, so unless something drastic happens we’ll just have to be content with being friends. But it’s safe to say there must be more than friendship in the air if we can talk night after night for hours on end, but she makes me feel good and I make her feel good, so I see no reason to stop talking.

In cricket, this Saturday will be the thrilling finale in the One Day International series against India at the home of cricket; Lords. India have forced the seven match series into a decider winning the sixth ODI by just two wickets with 2 deliveries to spare. England won the toss and elected to bat and set India a total of 317 to win. Alistair Cook literally did nothing with the bat, getting out second ball for a duck, Matt Prior didn’t do much better only facing five balls for 6. England were looking decidedly shaky on 20 – 2, then things started to look better as Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen added 59 before Bell was cleaned bowled by Chawla, next man in was Paul Collingwood and surpringly we was run out after just three deliveries for one run. Next man to walk to the crease was Owais Shah who was hero of the innings scoring an unbeaten 107 while Luke Wright added 50 to the total before being run out and Dimitri Mascarenhas hit a quick fire 36 including five 6s in the final over. At this point the England team must have been positive about taking the win and the series, but we now know it wasn’t to be. It wasn’t the best of starts as far as England were concerned being frustrated by the Indian batsmen with Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly adding 150 before Ganguly fell just after making his half century, Tendulkar fell shortly afterwards just short of another ODI century. All the Indian specialist batsmen added a useful amount to run tally with the exception of Rahul Dravid who went for four runs facing just five balls. Robin Uthappa guided India to the win including the two boundries in the final innings to pass the England total. From an Englishman’s point of view I am disappointed, but from the neutral point of view it was a tightly contested game with plenty of action. So the net result is that the series effectively comes down to one game and I really hope that the game doesn’t disappoint after the excellent play in the first six games from both nations.

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