Uncertain future!

It’s looking like Alternation may not survive in the long term, trying to keep people in the room is impossible, people are forever going outside for a cigarette; usually in big groups (cheers to the government for fucking everything up for us club nights). I look across the dance floor and it looks reasonably busy, I look down to cue up the next song and when I look back up again the place looks deserted. Not only that, the bar takings are down on what they should be as many people buy a drink downstairs while having a cigarette and bring it back up. So Voodoo is still making money, but the owner won’t see it that way, they’ll only see the bar takings upstairs and make their decision based on that and we basically have another 3 – 4 weeks to somehow keep people upstairs, and I don’t know how to do that, maybe lock people in once they walk through the doors. It may not matter much if I decide to take a few months out to visit Erin in the US. In reality, I think that I won’t be working in The Voodoo Lounge in six months time as gigs are becoming less frequent and making a living is becoming a struggle. The only reason I am sticking with it for now is because it allows me to be able to talk with Erin every night which a 9 – 5 job wouldn’t allow me to do, and that is something I don’t want to give up on, Erin is the one thing in this world that makes me feel happy and content with life, maybe it’s time to FedEx myself to Kansas!

My computer has been causing me all sorts of stress the last few days, somehow the BIOS got corrupted and refused to boot several times before the backup BIOS kicked in and copied itself to the primary BIOS again and suddenly my computer is back in 1901. It managed to lose my sound card drivers, which is annoying as its the only way I can talk with Erin without crippling myself financially, thankfully I managed to fix that little problem. Also for some reason, three times in a row, my graphics card drivers managed to get corrupted and forced the display into a non-supported mode for my monitor. I needed to uninstall and reinstall the drivers from safe mode as I couldn’t see anything in normal Windows mode! Just as well that I know about computers and how to deal with problems, both software and hardware. But at least one good thing came out of last night, we finally managed to get ourselves videocalling properly in real time instead of Yahoo’s 3 frames per second. It’s great to be able to see Erin in real time where her lips move in time with the audio, before I was calling her mobile phone and sharing video through Yahoo, but now we are all Skyped up together (and it’s free as well), I can’t wait to see and talk with her again later. I’m going down to work to do some DJ’ing for fun, there’s a PCAD party at Voodoo and I want to be able to DJ some old school cheese and dance, not done that in ages, had a bit of a play the other night at home and that was quite fun, it’d be great to do it for real in a club!

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