Do these people not have anything better to do?

It has long pissed me of about people that moan about everything on TV, e.g. Mary Whitehouse types. You know the type; the people that sit in front of their TV’s all day so they can write in and complain for no reason except to bitch about nothingness because they have nothing of interest happening in their own lives. The latest thing that has been complained about is Top Gear presenters lighting up a Porche branded pipe and smoking in the studio, seriously what harm does it do to the people sat at home, no-one objected in the studio, its only sad people sat in TV land that moan and complain. OK it may be illegal to smoke in any enclosed indoor space, but come on this is pettiness of the highest order, fine you may not agree with it, but has it really effected your life in TV land, the answer is NO; smoking has been an acceptable thing for years and frankly these busybodies and bureaucrats need to get their priorities right. I don’t agree with the smoking ban in most instances such as clubs and pubs, but I agree with a smoking ban in food establishments or pubs/clubs that sell food. But there’s an irony within itself; you can smoke in beer gardens as long as it’s 10ft away from the building, yet food can be served outside where people are smoking. It’s been well documented on here about my dislike for the smoking ban for nightclubs, it’s killing off nightclubs to the point where only the biggest clubs will survive. People simply stay at home, invite some friends around, get some drinks in and they can smoke to their hearts content. I wish that everyone in the UK would give up smoking at the same time just to screw over the government as they would lose billions of pounds from lost tax revenues. I bet they didn’t think that one out when they brought in this ban on smoking, if half the smokers in the UK gave up smoking because they couldn’t smoke in enclosed public spaces, that’ll mean a massive short fall going into the government coffers.

I actually missed this over the weekend being so damn ill, England lost the final one day international in Colombo losing the game by a massive 107 runs. The English bowlers did well to bowl out Sri Lanka for 211 with Stuart Broad finishing with figures of 3 – 36 and Ryan Sidebottom finished with figures of 2 – 41; James Anderson, Owais Shah, Ravi Bopara and Monty Panesar claimed a wicket each. It was the batting line up that failed to do anything yet again with the highest score of the innings only peaking at 28; both Alistair Cook and Kevin Pietersen achieved that rather mediocre score; next highest scorer was Ravi Bopara with an undefeated 16. The other eight players could only muster 24 runs between them. England could have the best bowling attack in the world, but if the batsmen can’t back the bowlers up, there’s very little point in even turning up for the match! It wasn’t even like it was a big target to chase, England needed 212 runs to win, that’s 0.7 runs per ball! Despite winning the one day series England have finished their one day tour on a real low point; losing is one thing, but not even reaching half the target total is down right embarrassing!!!

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