Good Day!

It’s my birthday today and I am 21… OK, 21+10. But yesterday was my birthday celebrations and it was a rather good day. My day started well, talking to Erin for an hour before she had to go to work, always a good way to start my day. Then it was off to the library to help set up a PA system for a live gig, yes you heard that right; a live gig in a library. I am still trying to get my head around the whole idea, loud music in a library, that’s about as anti libraryesque as you can get. I ended up engineering the gig as well, which wasn’t at all planned, Emily was supposed to be engineering, but she didn’t feel confident enough to engineer the gig on her own because she hasn’t engineered a live gig for two years. But again, Deep Blue sound students were in presence again and guess what they seem to think they know better. Emily is a deep blue student; but she also knows that she doesn’t have the required experience to be able to deal with engineering a live gig and didn’t question what I was doing, she just observed and took notes. This is why she will make a good engineer, she realises that she doesn’t know everything and is always willing to learn and improve her skills. I then went off to Voodoo to start my birthday celebrations, I started off relatively slowly enjoying a few pints of Becks (the only decent lager that Voodoo stocks). But then came the bombshell; apparently staff prices only apply on nights that I am working and obviously last night I wasn’t working. So let’s think about this; they are advocating that I drink while I am using thousands of pounds worth of soundsystem! Basically if this is going to be the case I’m going to drink elsewhere on my nights off; I am not paying £2.70 for a pint. I would rather go to a Wetherspoons pub and get my drinks considerably cheaper. And if they want to be petty; I will simply charge them every time I go into work to help them out; £40 call out charge + £10 p/h. I don’t charge Voodoo for fixing little things and helping them out because of getting cheap drinks. So I finished my drink and left for JFK’s; but I wish that I didn’t bother to be honest; I was only there for about 45 minutes before getting bored and leaving again. I thought that I would enjoy it having not gone there for some time, but it seems not, same old shit, different day. The only thing that was different from what I could see is Rich, who runs Dark Angels EBM night at Voodoo every two months. He was playing some good tunes, but the problem as ever in JFK’s is that the same music seems to be played time and time again, there really seems to be no distinction between rooms. I walked from one room to another to the other and heard the same song being played across all three rooms at the same time. I made my way back to Voodoo via The Britannia Inn where I had a drink with Steve. In Voodoo I didn’t even buy a single drink; I drank a variety of cocktails, not even sure what exactly went into these cocktails; but they tasted rather good and went down far too quickly for my own good. I eventually got home at 5:30am-ish; and talked with Erin for a couple more hours to end my night in the best possible way. I eventually passed out about 8:30am; I simply couldn’t stay awake any longer, I had been awake for more than 23 hours at that point.

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