Blatant Con!

Click for larger imageI was waiting for Erin to get home from work on Monday night and found myself watching ITV Play on ITV1; you know the type of thing; the late night phone in quizzes that plague most channels late at night. The first game was a word search quiz and the first three callers were all correct as I could see their answers on the board but the presenter insisted that it wasn’t there. The words that weren’t there were ‘rose‘, ‘tulip‘ and ‘daffodil‘; you can see from the image on the right that these words were in the wordsearch. Can anyone say CON? I worked out based on calls costing 75 pence per call and as they proudly announced how many callers they’ve had in the last 15 minutes and that every 15 minutes they are making £2,500+ and gave around less than £1200 in the first hour. The moral of the story; don’t get taken in by these con artists; I am a serious sceptic anyway and this just makes me more sceptical of people and their motives. It seems that these TV channels are just as corrupt as politicians (you all know my opinions on them), and that includes the BBC with their recent phone in competition scandals.

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