Does the simple life exist?

To add to my annoyances today; another confrontation with Liam. Regular readers will remember my confrontation with him in the kebab shop a couple of months back, where he threatened me and threatened to burn down the house. Tonight he rang the door bell continuously until someone answered then forced his way into the house; then demanded to see in everyone’s room accusing everyone of stealing his television. I told him where his television went; the landlord has it; contact him. Luckily tonight there was enough of us to dissuade him from trying anything, but frankly he scares me. When he drinks he becomes uncontrollable and doesn’t seem to capable of seeing reason. What would have happened if there wasn’t enough of us in the house. First thing I did was call the police as I didn’t know how many people were home and frankly he needs to be locked up; I couldn’t get hold of the landlord on either his mobile or landline. The police received four calls from the same house and yet it still took 10 minutes to get here, I could actually walk to the police station in 10 minutes. It’s just a shame that he left before the police arrived as I would like to see him off the streets for everyone’s sake as he obviously is a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

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