Going to the chapel…

…And were going get married and I couldn’t be happier. Last night I asked Erin to marry me and she said yes. I have been thinking about it for weeks now, I knew how much we loved each other but thought that it probably wasn’t the best idea as we hadn’t even met in person yet. But with a little prompting from Erin I realised that nothing about our relationship is exactly normal, so I popped the question and Erin said yes. I know that people are going to think that were are crazy and maybe they are right; but I want to make Erin and her little boy Conner a permanent part of my life. It’s only once in a lifetime that you meet someone that you really hit it off with so well and seem so compatible in every way. Things happened so quickly and we found ourselves passengers in our whirlwind romance, we were falling hopelessly for each other with faulty brakes. No-one has ever made me feel so wanted and loved ever before and some times I don’t know to deal with these feelings. I’m so used to being used, abused and hurt that someone really wanting to be with me as much as I want to be them is totally new to me. Not only do I get an amazing, beautiful and intelligent woman, I get a ready made family. I already feel like I have been accepted into the family, Conner already misses me when I am not on the phone and wanted to talk to me yesterday. The phone rang and the first voice I heard was Conner’s, which was really nice even if I was a little confused by the situation. Yesterday was a good day; being able to spend the whole day with Erin and Conner, despite being over Skype it still felt like we were together as a family. I plan to be in the US by the 4th of April as that’s Erin’s 30th birthday, so that’s 117 days away and I am counting down those days and each day that passes seems to get longer; I’ve never felt this kind of love for anyone before; and I never want lose this feeling!

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