Why cant people just be happy?

I am getting really pissed off with certain people who are consistently putting Erin and our relationship down all the time. It makes me really angry that these people can’t get their head out of their own arses and get with the 21st century. Big fucking deal, she’s black and I’m white, she’s in the US and I’m in the UK, so what if our relationship isn’t exactly condusive to societies idea of what a relationship should be, FUCK YOU! We live in the 21st century, because we are not currently together physically doesn’t mean we can”t fall in love and it’s only 4399 miles; that’s only 12 hours on a plane to get to Kansas. The world is changing and these people with their outdated ideas are holding the human race back. What the hell is wrong with people, black, white, big, small, short, or tall, we are all humans, so why the hell can’t we (as a human race) just accept other people’s choices and be happy? It’s pissing me off and these people are upsetting Erin which makes me angry as hell, all hell is going to break loose when I get to the US and the news that we are engaged gets out, but I don’t give a FUCK as these people make the woman I love feel like she is a “worthless piece of shit” and that makes my blood boil. These people are the very people that should be supporting Erin in whatever she chooses to do; but instead they criticise her every move. They disaprove about Erin’s choices in men, they disapprove that she had a child and don’t want her talking about her little boy, and much, much more besides. I can see that I will find it hard to keep my temper if they treat her like that when I’m there, Erin is different to what society expects her to be and that’s part of the reason that I love her so much, but these people treat her like shit and even infront of Conner. To me Erin is not worthless, infact I’d say she’s priceless. Erin is such an amazing, loving and intelligent woman and I feel lucky that she has chosen to spend her life with me! I want to take her away from this hell!

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