Has it really been seven days?

As I have been slack in updating the blog over the past seven days, here comes all the juicy stuff from the week that was… erm ‘last week’. Monday and Tuesday I simply stayed at home. So onto Wednesday and it was Alternation and myself, Mike and Steve decided to celebrate Mike’s birthday and get suitably drunk while DJ’ing because we thought that the night was a lost cause based on previous weeks. But I printed out some new flyers and posters for the night as all but two posters in Voodoo has been nicked over the past few months by certain people unknown, maybe certain JFK’s management (but more on that later). And went on an aggressive marketing strategy, e.g. putting flyers under people’s noses on tables downstairs, got some dirty looks but what the hell and placed posters on the pillars of the bar as I know people look around while waiting for a drink. And it seems to work as we had the busiest night we’ve had in ages, bar takings were good and I actually enjoyed DJ’ing for the first time in ages. Later that night I got into a confrontation with a random guy because Draper owed him 10 pounds. Now Draper could barely stand let alone defend himself so Dee, our bar manager stepped in, now this guy got abusive towards Dee so I stepped in. One thing lead to another, myself and Dee tried to reason with the guy saying that Draper was out with us on our money and didn’t have any money to start the night with and that he’ll be getting paid on Friday so could collect his money then. Anyway, this went back and forth and then for some unknown reason decided to bring his band Dethlehem stating he doesn’t care if Dethlehem never play in Voodoo Lounge again and then went on to criticise my sound, which is hilarious as Liam normally does their sound and during the last gig it was Rob. I’ve engineered Dethlehem once and that was nearly a year ago. Anyway, why bring the band into the argument, it’s nothing to do with the band, I know other members of the band and I doubt they’ll appreciate him speaking for the whole band!

Friday night was Mike’s birthday celebrations mkII, so we went down to JFK’s and had a reasonably good night, started off in Voodoo for a couple and put some more posters up. Met some new people that were out with Mike, so it was all good. The problems came at the end of the night when while stood on public land I was handing out flyers when security got shirty with me for handing out flyers. Obviously he is under the cosh from management who are clearly scared of competition so think they can scare people off with bully tactics. But this is me we are talking about and I know my rights. I wasn’t causing a disturbance or blocking peoples exit from the club. The police were called and they did the square root of nothing about my flyering as I wasn’t doing anything wrong in the eyes of the law. I had a discussion with the security about it, I wasn’t shouting or being obstructive, but he did snatch my wad of flyers from my hand and I would have gotten the police involved as that is theft, it’s my property, you simply can’t snatch things out of peoples hands, but Mike went and got the flyers back before the police arrived so I elected to leave it! But I am pissed off by the actions of these people, who the hell do they think they are trying to dictate what I can and can’t do on public land. It’s not even like we are a threat to JFK/C103 as they do a student night on Wednesdays and we really wouldn’t attract their clientele anyway, they don’t even play the same type of music as us or else I would have been flyering outside on Wednesday night at 10pm, not on a Friday night! I even resisted the temptation to flyer inside as I wanted to do things fairly. I would be pissed if people flyered inside Voodoo on my night or any other night for that matter, so I didn’t do it in JFK’s. I wish that I did now as there was more security outside on the ‘smoking patio’ than in the nightclub itself!

Saturday night was another club night at Voodoo, which means turning the system on, waiting 4 1/2 hours and turning the system off at the end. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest as the previous nights Cerebral Punishment was on were piss poor turn out wise. But to my surprise and even the promoters surprise, it was a relative success, they had around about 50 people through the door. And best of all they actually enjoyed the night and said they’ll be back with friends, so fingers crossed for next month. But one thing I have learned is never take what people say as gospel, most people promise they’ll come then don’t bother turning up at all! But the night was a bad night for me as I had a big argument with Erin the night before and because of my stubbornness still hadn’t resolved it by the time I went to work, but it’s all sorted now and we’ll be watching The DaVinci Code together tonight.

It’s footie roundup time; Liverpool managed to get pass lowly Luton Town at the second time of asking in the FA Cup third round. A slightly more convincing display than two weeks ago at Kenilworth Road beating cash strapped Luton 5 – 0 at Anfield. Even then it still took the Merseyside team 45 minutes to break down the defiant Luton defence, only taking the lead a few seconds before the half time whistle. But then it was the Stevie Gerrard show scoring a hat-trick in the first 25 minutes of the second half with Sami Hyypia’s goal sandwiched between Gerrard’s goals. I’m sure Luton will be happy to lose at Anfield having forced a replay as it’s a big bonus for the cash strapped club! Liverpool has drawn an even more lowly team, Blue Square South League outfit Havant and Waterlooville will visit Anfield on Saturday, A game that should be an assured bye into the fifth round, but maybe Havant and Waterlooville will be this years giant killers having already dispatched League One Swansea. Plymouth had another disappointing home draw against Southampton, the lack of striking options for Sturrock is really starting to sting. As par for the course Argyle went behind in the 12th minute of the game being undone by Bradley Wright-Phillips run and shoot effort. The Saints keeper Kelvin Davis made three excellent saves to deny Lilian Nalis, Luke Summerfield and Peter Halmosi before Argyle finally made the breakthrough in the 49th minute, Rory Fallon firing Peter Halmosi’s pull back into the top of the net. Argyle have dropped to 11th in the league five points off a potential play-off spot. Luggy desperately needs to get some fresh strikers in to stem the flow of blood haemorrhaging from Home Park. Has has signed midfielder Chris Clark from Aberdeen for 200k and striker Steve MacLean from Cardiff for 500k. Are they worthy replacements for Barry Hayles and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, only time will tell, but they’ll have some big boots to fill. Ipswich Town have tabled another bid for David ‘Chuck’ Norris having had a previous bid of 1.5m rejected by the club. Rumours are flying about Norris wanting to leave Home Park, but nothing has been said by the player, manager or club. If he goes, that’ll be a massive blow for the Green Army. Argyle need their talisman Paul Wotton back in the middle of the park desperately right now with the recent defections, things aren’t looking good right now! A win would have been good for Plymouth as they face a trip to Premiership side Portsmouth on Saturday afternoon so I expect Argyle to exit this years FA Cup at this stage based on recent matches and the turmoil at Home Park right now, but FINGERS CROSSED!

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