It’s Arrived!

I went to my interview at the passport ‘interrogation’ office and apparently I must be who I say I am because my passport arrived in the post this morning. As per all passport photos I look absolutely horrendous but as long as it allows me to get out of the country I don’t care. Now the only thing stopping me from realising my goal of moving to the US and a life with Erin and Conner is getting the cash together for the airfare. In a way it makes things more real, but over the past few days myself and Erin have realised just how deep our feelings run for each other. Our time away from each other is getting more and more difficult by the day and our time together seems so incredibly short, several hours just disappear before we know it. Also while I was in town on Monday I went to the bank to deposit my weekend’s earnings and while I was there I finally changed my address after nine months of living here and asked for a replacement debit card as my expires in a few months and has seen better days. It’s been through far too many chip and pin machines in the 19 months I’ve had it. As I was at a loose end I also replaced the blown mid speaker in the PA in work and the damage to the old speaker is highly terminal, the cone had completely detached from the voice coil. I also fixed the subwoofer speaker on the right hand side, it was a simple soldering job again. There is a major design fault in these sub speakers as the little bit of wire between the cone and the internal binding posts breaks incredibly easily. At least the system should sound nice and beefy in the low end tonight, that’ll make a nice change from recent times!

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