One Step Closer

I have arranged an interview at the passport interview centre for Monday afternoon and assuming that everything is OK on the day I should have my passport a few days afterwards. For those of you that haven’t had to experience this bullshit, first thing they do is check your photo and they decided whether it’s a true likeness of you or not. Then they ask you loads of questions about what you wrote on the application form, and all this is even before you get into the interview. Then I will have to keep my sarcasm in check as you can almost guarantee that they’ll ask some blatantly stupid questions. I would love to sign upto the NO2ID campaign but I can’t take the pledge because I have to attend one of the “interrogation centres” to be able to follow my dream of finding happiness in the US. The question will be; should everything work out as planned between Erin and myself; will I really want to come back to the UK? What does this country have to offer really? You get screwed on tax, income, council and value added taxes, which in itself is a contradiction, seriously Value Added Tax, don’t make me laugh! Lets face it, the amount of tax you pay on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol is excessive as hell. Especially an essential thing like fuel, in the US it’s a third of the price of UK prices given the currency conversion and factoring in how many litres are in a gallon as the US still sells fuel by the gallon. Not sure how this good news turned into a rant, but that’s one of my famous tangents I tend to go on for you!

It seems that my fears are coming true, another one of Argyle’s young players is off to pastures new. Dan Gosling has been sold to Everton for 1.5 million pounds. Gosling only signed a three year contract at the start of this season. At least he came through the youth system at Argyle so it’s maximum profit, lets hope that the money is spent wisely. Another seven figure offer, rumoured to be as much as 1.5 million was turned down for David Norris. Norris has also been linked with Leicester City. Argyle manager Paul Sturrock has said that none of his senior players are going anywhere unless a “silly offer” is received by the club. Akos Buzsaky also completed his move to QPR after initially being on loan at Loftus Road.

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