Yet another reason to leave the UK!

Seems that we are to be screwed after death as well now. Apparently [non-elected] prime minister Gordon Brown is backing plans to make everybody automatic organ donors. “It would mean that, unless people opted out of the register or family members objected, hospitals would be allowed to use their organs for transplants.” – Not only do the government want to dictate what we can do during our lives, they now want to have rule over our bodies after death. I remember reading about this proposal about a year ago and it disturbed me then, now that Gordon Brown has put his weight behind this proposal it’s even more scary as it’s likely to be pushed through parliament, maybe even before the end of this year! The system has been described by Patient Concern as “turning volunteers into conscripts” – which just about sums up what the system is. For me I find it completely disrespectful of peoples rights to decide what happens to their body after death and in some cases it’s downright offensive as some religions don’t allow for organs to be removed from bodies. In simple terms, you shouldn’t have to opt out, why not educate people on the benefits of becoming an organ donor instead. I’m always seeing adverts on TV, newspapers, magazines and advertising hoardings encouraging us to give blood but I’ve never seen a simple advert about becoming an organ donor. Mr. and Mrs. Public really should be allowed to make their own informed decisions on whether they want their organs to be used after death or not. “PRESUMED CONSENT” really is desecration of the highest order.

This is definitely up there with the calls by Police for everyone to be included in a national DNA database and the governments wish to force everyone to carry a biometric ID and/or Passport card. The ID card is supposed to be non-compulsory but if you read between the lines it will be compulsory at some point in the future if not at the launch date. This country is becoming a joke because of idiotic bureaucrats slowly stripping us of our civil liberties and right to decide what information we divulge and even what happens to our bodies.

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