Alcohol Poisoning?

Yesterday was a complete wipeout for me, I was so incredibly ill because of drinking way too much during Wednesday’s Alternation birthday bash. I invited a few people back to my place for a few drinks after the pubs closed. And I really regret doing that now for several reasons, the primary one being me getting unbelievably drunken and getting moaned by my house mates because I happened to leave a couple of glasses on the table and apparently one of my friends (I use the term loosely, more like drinking buddies) threw up outside the front door. Fine I’ll take responsibility for that, but the way they went on about the glasses you would have thought we trashed the kitchen. And the final thing is Steve, my co-DJ got so unbelievably drunk we had to call his parents to pick him up as was laid out on the floor. We couldn’t get him to stand up so they could take him home, he’s a big guy and he was also dead weight. We could only manage to get him onto the sofa to sleep it off and his parents picked him up later in the day. So until that point it was a good night and it all ended badly, I should have just gone home alone and slept it off. Then maybe I wouldn’t have spent the next day throwing up every time I tried to drink anything; within 30 seconds it was on its way back up full on projectile vomit, not a pretty sight! Now it’s time to attempt to stop drinking again as I can’t be dealing with being that ill every time I go out. Also I am jeopardising my relationship with Erin because of my drinking issues. It has become a problem when I don’t seem to have the ability to know when to stop, I’ll drink until I run out of money or pass out, as I never pass out from alcohol money is always the limiting factor!

At least today brings an end to all the speculation and uncertainty for Plymouth Argyle as the transfer window closed at midnight last night! But not without a casualty, David Norris has signed for Ipswich Town as I feared in my previous entry although Peter Halmosi will be staying with Argyle until at least the end of the season. Manager Paul Sturrock has brought another Scotsman into the team, Motherwell defender Jim Paterson has been bought for an undisclosed fee. Again I have never heard of the guy as I don’t follow football north of the border. Now we have to wait and see how the team gel tomorrow when we face Hull City at Home Park. The big question is “are the incoming players as good as the outgoing players?” – there are some very big boots to fill in replacing Norris, Ebanks-Blake and Hayles. Let’s hope that our news club record signing Steve MacLean lives up to his 500k price tag and starts banging in goals with the regularity of Ebanks-Blake and Hayles! I’m also interested in seeing if Jamie Mackie can cut in the Championship, he has an impressive record in the Blue Square Premier League (Conference) scoring 14 goals for Exeter this season, but he has jumped up three divisions, can he bang in goals with such regularity against Championship defences? Is he really worth the 145k + add-ons price tag?

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