It’s been a week already!

I have been working right the way through since last Friday and I have decided to take a night off work to preserve my hearing for tomorrow’s Beatles tribute act performance that may be a big one based on the last time they played! So a quick run down of the weeks events. Sunday was a 21st birthday party which went badly tits up, generally obnoxious idiots demanding this, that and the other from me. If they can’t come and talk to me in a civil manner then I have little incentive to play their requests. They also ripped the toilet seat off, groped our bar manager and turned all the bar taps on flooding the bar while the barman was away from the bar for 30 seconds. And threw food everywhere when our bar manager ejected them from the club. Apparently several of the party goers were arrested as two police units were called when they refused to leave. Monday was the monthly Cafe Concrete which passed pretty much without incident as normal, a very chilled out atmosphere plus some very interesting ways of making soundscapes, including children’s toys and Casio keyboards running through Boss multi-effects guitar pedals. Tuesday was a club night that no-one told me about, I found out by reading a poster for it on Monday night which was alright. Although the end was shit with the ‘headline’ DJ moaning at me for turning him off at 2am. Saying it’s not about the music for me, and yes he is right, it’s not (not because it wasn’t my thing), but it’s about the law. And frankly I had very little incentive to let him play ‘one more song’ as there was about 10 people left and no-one had bought a drink for more than an hour. Wednesday was Alternation and it was reasonably busy but again everyone came in late so bar takings weren’t great, but I enjoyed the night. But ultimately the axe is still hanging over our heads as what counts for the owner is good bar takings. Last night was a new night ‘Hoodoo @ Voodoo‘ which is a dubstep/techno night, again it’s not my thing but it was quite busy and they had some cool visuals. Using stretchy white fabric and three projectors to project visuals onto the fabric, looked very cool, just shows what can be done with a little imagination! So it’s been a eventful week in the Voodoo Lounge, I have no intention of going anywhere near that place tonight, I need a night away but as is par for the course I have gotten a number of calls about problems with the system, lights and other random stuff. How will they cope when I move to the US?

I am very worried about Erin as well, she has been very ill lately and now has a chest infection so is finding it hard to breath. She has been taking work home as well as working through her lunch hour UNPAID. The result, she just has no energy to look after Conner or even do simple household tasks. I think that she really needs a break away from everything as she is heading for a nervous breakdown without any brakes. Erin pushes herself far too hard in my opinion, she never thinks she is good enough and that frustrates the hell out of me as most people wouldn’t put in half the effort she does, yet she thinks she needs to be better constantly and that pressure she puts on herself is seriously taking its toll. I feel so damn helpless not being there to help take the load off her as her support network (e.g. parents) aren’t much use as they just add to her stresses constantly criticising her. Erin is going away for a few days to Vegas on Sunday, I really hope that her family will give her more support there with Conner to give her a break away from the stresses of her life. Of course I am going to miss her like crazy but I want her to have a good time as she never gets the opportunity to go out and let loose for a few hours with work, her studies and Conner. At least one thing has happened that is good for Erin, she finally found time to get her hair done and all I can say is wow… I was lost for words for the whole night, she looks so much different with long hair after I got used to seeing her with short hair, she is most definitely a MILF [quite literally] (I’m not gonna explain if you don’t know what that means).

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