The 52st state is getting ever closer with the suggestion by the government that all school leavers should swear allegiance to Queen and country to prove citizenship. First thing that springs to mind is that UK citizens aren’t really citizens at all as we are all considered royal subjects whether we like it or not. I have been anti-royalist for as long as I can remember, I personally think that the monarchy is an outdated institution and that they are a drain on public funds. But that’s beside the point of this rant, my point is that we *may* be forced into something else that we might not believe in. Surely we shouldn’t have to pledge our allegiance to queen and country because we happen to live in this country, people born in the UK (regardless of heritage) shouldn’t have to swear allegiance to be considered a citizen. The whole thing started in the US with school children having to sweat allegiance to the (US) flag every morning at school. If as a person we decide to pledge our allegiance to a country then that’s fine, which is the suggestion right now but it’s with a view to make it compulsory in times to come. Now what happens if it is compulsory and a school leaver refuses? could they be arrested for treason, which is still technically a crime against the monarch! Is life in the UK really an episode to BIG BROTHER, it seems that way… SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!

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