The last chance saloon?

I have talked things through with Erin (and I know how close I came to losing her) and she has given me one final chance and if I can’t keep to our agreement then obviously I don’t deserve her and simple can’t want a life with her enough. So this leads me back to stopping drinking, something that I want to be able to do for financial, personal and health reasons. So work is exactly that from now on, no more mixing work with a social life, it’s bad for everything, it changes me for the worse. A combination of my frustration of not being able to be with Erin right now and my past experiences. Two women in the 18 months, one telling me she was in love with someone else all the time we were seeing each other. And the other telling me that she would rather spend her life alone than be with me. Erin is a woman that loves me for who I am and makes me feel so good about myself and life and love her back just as much. Alcoholism is destroying that as I lose control of my emotions and end up becoming incredibly self destructive and that isn’t conducive to a stable family life. The laptop I am not worried about as it’s only plastic and some silicon chips and frankly ever since it had vodka and coke spilt on it but some knobs in Voodoo months ago it has been less than reliable anyway. So it comes down to how much I want a life with Erin and Conner, if I want it enough I will have the willpower to stop drinking and make it happen!

Work on Saturday was a nightmare, too many gigs going on that night so attendance was low. And even worse half the microphone stands went missing, and the ones I could find had the microphone clips missing so I spent an hour hunting around for clips for the microphones. Then I find out that the right stage monitor wasn’t working for some reason and no time to fault find. Then I find that the drum monitor isn’t working so I have to use the redundant front wedge so the drummer could hear something. I will have to go in some time soon to fault find and fix the problems, it’s probably a cabling issue after Deep Blue Sound had their finals party and fucked half the system; I’m just thankful that the front of house sound system is in good working order. It really pisses me off when other people use our equipment, unplug and change things and don’t return it to the way they found it. That is just plain rude, it’s common courtesy to reset the desk to neutral settings and plug things back in as they found them. Not only that I found that my iPod has gone missing as well, it may be an old iPod and I had it given to me but that really isn’t the point. Somehow I managed to get everything sounding pretty good, balancing the backline with the drums, keyboards and vocals. basically, kickdrum, snaredrum, keyboard, bass and vocals, kinda reminds me of the old days at The Phoenix! I wanted kickdrum, snaredrum and bass to at least create a cohesive drum and bass sound as the bass amp wasn’t really up to the specification of the guitars amps. Tomorrow is another gig and I will be going in early to try to find the faults with the monitors, bands complain enough of monitors without being a monitor down; and I kinda like having fully working system to use for live nights!

In footie, Plymouth Argyle could only manage a 1 -1 draw at Home Park against Watford. Jermaine Easter converting Rory Fallon’s cross into a 1 – 0 lead but that lead was soon cancelled out by an excellent curling shot from 20 yards out from Lee Williamson to bring the Hornets level. Both teams had chances, Argyle being denied by the post and Danny Shitu had a shot cleared off the line. Peter Halmosi was sent off while being stretchered off for a second bookable offence after clashing with Mathew Sadler. The result isn’t bad for either team’s promotion prospects, Plymouth remain in 6th and Watford drop one place to 4th with Hull leapfrogging both West Brom and Watford to move into 3rd in the league. Liverpool lost their game against Manchester United on Sunday afternoon at Old Trafford. The Reds eventually went down 3 – 0 to United after Javier Mascherano needlessly got sent off for descent despite his team mates trying to discourage him from that action. Luckily for Liverpool, local rivals Everton could only manage a 1 – 1 draw at home to West Ham.

In F1, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen has cut McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton’s lead to three points after cruising home to win the Malaysian Grand Prix while the Briton could only manage 5th after his grid penalty and having a problem with a wheel nut during a pit-stop. Pole sitter Felipe Massa spun off the track half way through the race after being leapfrogged by Raikkonen in the pits. BMW’s Robert Kubica brought his car home in a career best second place profiting from Hamilton’s and Massa’s problems. Heikki Kovalainen brought his McLaren home in third place after a pretty uneventful race. Jarno Trulli finished in 4th for Toyota so there’s some good signs for Toyota in what is considered to be a crunch year for the Japanese team. Nick Heidfeld, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso claimed the final three points paying positions respectively. BMW are actually looking like title contenders this year despite the team and both drivers denying they have a winning car this year. Heidfeld is level on points with Raikkonen, only three points off championship leader Hamilton after his 3rd and 6th place finishes. I like the idea of three teams battling it out for the championship, it’ll make things much more interesting, BMW have definitely been the surprise of the new season, seemingly coming from nowhere, a little bit of sandbagging?

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