A sad day for all ‘true’ Pilgrims!

Sorry Lucy, it’s another sports entry, romance is a little thin on the ground right now, at least what I want to divulge anyway, that’ll stay between myself and Erin. So a new era at Plymouth Argyle is upon us; stalwart and first choice captain Paul Wotton will not be having his contract renewed by Paul Sturrock and will be leaving the club in the summer. I for one am very sad to see Paul Wotton leave the club he has served with passion, blood, sweat and tears for more than 10 years. I know that Wotton never truly cut it in the Championship but he is still a valuable player for his set pieces and penalty kicks. It seems that Sturrock is having a serious clearout, the list of players leaving is momumental. Paul Wotton leads the departures which also includes Lee Hodges, Lilian Nailis, Nick Chadwick, Gyorgy Sandor (who never even made a first team appearance), youngsters Reuben Reid and Jake Moult will also be axed this summer. And the one player that Sturrock really wanted to keep; Paul Connolly had decided to refused a new (and improved) contract at Home Park and will be heading for pastures new. Mat Kouo-Doumbe and Nadjim Abdou are in contract negotiations with the club and Sturrock is keen to sign Scots Russell Anderson and Gary Teale on permanent contracts if agreement over salaries can be agreed. Now the future worries me, the Scots that Sturrock has brought in have been less than impressive to say the least and now we have a huge gap in the middle of the park. If we lose Doumbe and Abdou then it’s pretty much all change in the team and I just have a feeling that funds to replace the outgoing players won’t be available as the money from the selling of players this season will be going towards completing phase two of the stadium redevelopment!

Day two of six at work was pretty good actually, although the night itself was unremarkable, it was another bread and butter club night. Although I have to say the guys putting on the night put a lot of time and effort into the decor and visuals which looked amazing. And the sound-system sounded sweet with dubstep (chilled out drum n’ bass) and minimal techno (which I fail to see the point of). But I got to talk a bucket load of engineers, many from deep blue sound and one guy that’s an amateur engineer that talked a load of sense. So a night that I would have hated musically turned out pretty good, got to talk about sound, engineering techniques and equipment which I actually quite enjoy doing, yes I am a complete geek when it comes to that, hence why I love my job (most of the time). But tonight is the one I am looking forward to because it’ll be the first live night I have engineered for two weeks because of bands requesting their own engineer, let’s hope I can remember how to engineer live sound eh? A+E Line (sludged up German electro-pop apparently), Supenik and El Coda will be playing tonight, should be an interesting one.

Now it’s time for my favourite subject, it’s BUSH-BASHING TIME! Why does America and George W Bush think they have the divine right to dictate who can and can’t have nuclear power and/or weapons? Before the White House were threatening Iran over their nuclear power plans and now it seems their attention has turned to the Syrians and wait for it… North Korea! I would say thank heavens that George Bush will be out by the end of the year before he starts World War III, but John McCain is another Bush [read: warmonger] and nothing will change. I pray that the democrat candidate will get elected be it Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama, but frankly America isn’t going to vote for a black man or a woman!

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