An All English Affair!

The Champions League final will be an all English affair for the first time in the history of the competition. Manchester United made it through to the final last night courtesy of a superb strike from Paul Scholes from 25 yards out! But the question now is who will be their opponents, will it be Chelsea or Liverpool who meet in the second leg of their tie at Stamford Bridge? Obvious if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you’ll know where my allegiances lie. But I fear that Riise’s late own goal in the home tie will be Liverpool’s undoing as they now need to score in London which based on recent games will be a challenge. But Liverpool never do things the easy way, you just have look back a few weeks in the return leg at Anfield against Arsenal to see that! What is annoying for me is the fact that the game is on Sky TV and I don’t have satellite, so my only option is to go out to the pub, but I am skint; the money I earn tonight will be going straight on rent. The £9 I have in my pocket needs to be used for food to keep my going until Saturday. So I guess I will have to keep tabs on the game online. It’s annoying that United’s game that I wasn’t bothered about seeing was on ITV but the game I really want to watch is not! I really hope that Liverpool don’t lose as tonight will be unbearable as my co-DJ is a United supporter and we have plans to go watch the final (if it’s Liverpool Vs Manchester United) in mid-May! ADDITIONAL: Now I am really annoyed, just spotted on that I can watch the game online via and it would only cost £2 to watch the match which is great as I have just over £3 in my account. So I sign up to the site and get to the payment page and find out that it’s actually going to cost £5. It’s only £2 if I am a Sky Sports subscriber, which the site failed to tell me before going through the hassle of signing up. Now if I were a Sky Sports subscriber; why in the hell would you want to pay extra to watch the game in lesser quality online when you simply watch it on TV. Yet again Sky have managed to piss me off!!!

Another thing that bugged me today is the fact that Clarence House has announced Prince William had paid a SECRET visit to the troops in Afghanistan. First thing that springs to mind is it’s not a very good secret if as soon as he is home safely they tell the whole world. The young prince who recently got his ‘wings’ from the Royal Air Force took the controls of a transport plane to Kandahar to take supplies and bring home injured troops. That in itself is fine as that’s what he has trained (and paid) to do but coming home and telling the world is damn right irresponsible. Do they not think that the Taleban watch TV and have spies around the world. Now every time a transport plane flies in, it will be more likely to be shot at on the off chance the prince in onboard, which endangers the flight crew on those flights, and they don’t get a public mention for doing what they get paid very well to do!

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