Disappointments & Annoyances

It’s been a week since the last update and not too much has happened of interest really. So time for a quick sports round-up; Manchester United won, Chelsea drew and Liverpool won which means that United are Premier League champions. Liverpool finished in 4th place securing the final Champions League berth and fellow Merseysiders Everton claimed a UEFA cup place for finishing 5th. In Formula One Felipe Massa won his second race of the season ahead of Briton Lewis Hamilton to move level on points with Hamilton seven points adrift of Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen. Robert Kubica is just four points behind Massa and Hamilton in 4th place after another strong 4th place finish. That pretty much concludes the sports round-up; I would normally be looking forward to the Euro championships but as none of the home nations made it to the tournament, it holds very little interest for me.

Now to the disappointments and annoyances; firstly I am disappointed with Alternation last Wednesday; we had two guest DJ’s, one arranged by me and the other arranged by Mike. Now the first guy (arranged by Mike) who was supposed to be playing punk music for an hour let his girlfriend take over and she played loads of EBM and Industrial which I told the regular DJ’s to steer clear of as the guy I booked Simon was going to play that for an hour straight afterwards. I never said anything to the Mike’s guy who goes by the name ‘The Captain’ because I was assured he was going to play punk for the whole hour. Not only that but he decided to pull his memory stick out from the laptop while his final song was still playing which cut the music after the 30 seconds. Which left me scrabbling to find something to play for a few minutes while Simon prepared his CDs for his set, which of course made myself and Simon look bad as we were the only people in the DJ box during the 30 seconds of silence, which is a big NO-NO in DJ’ing circles. And to top things off, ‘The Captain’ told my co-DJ Mike that next week he would play an EBM set… which I made clear to Mike that ‘captain’ isn’t coming back after that fiasco. It makes me look bad, it makes the club look bad and not what I want to portray. After that I decided to hell with it, I am going to get drunken and I did exactly that, by the end of the night I really didn’t care anymore!

On Friday I was supposed to be working but I get a text message from Neil who was one of the co-promoters for that night telling me that I wasn’t required as Rob was doing the sound. Which was apparently arranged ages ago but no-one thought to tell me about it. Yet again it’s another example of the poor communication in the Voodoo Lounge, is it really too hard to pick up a phone and tell me if I am not required before the event? Anyway the house promoter apologised to me and said she would be happy for me to do the sound for her three acts and the other promoter could pay their guy to engineer the one band they had booked. But by that time I had arranged to go out to JFK’s with a friend that never showed up in the end. But I had a good time anyway, even if the music was predictable. I understand why they do it; it’s simple economics, if you play mass market music more people will come to the night and spend their money, it’s catering to the many, not the few!

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