Hooliganism: Revisited!

Aren’t you proud to be British? (if you are British of course) after Wednesdays violence in Manchester after Rangers 2 – 0 loss to Russian side Zenit St Petersburg. This sends a wonderful message to the Russians when Chelsea play Manchester United in the Champions League final next week who will probably overreact and persecute innocent fans because they happen to be British. We have seen it time and time again in Europe in recent years when local police forces overreact and clamp down hard on anyone who happens to be British. Yes I am well aware of our past record in Europe, infact I know better than most as my second team, Liverpool were banned from European football for a decade because of hooligans spoiling it for the genuine fans. Now the Rangers hooligans (I’m not going to say fans because true fans know how to behave) have sent us back to square one and now we have to build up our reputation as good natured supporters again. The actions of the relative few have given all Rangers fans a bad name and even worse, set the UK back years in football supporters terms. There really is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and the people involved should be dealt with sternly but that probably won’t happen as the legal system here is too damn soft on such hooligans. I think a solution would be to stop drinking on match days in these types of matches as most of these problems seem to be alcohol fuelled and anyone appearing to be intoxicated shouldn’t be allowed in the stadium!

Nature 3 – 0 Humans. Not that I am making fun of all the people that have died during this month of freak weather. But you have to think that nature is getting her own back on humanity for the way she has been treated by man over the last millennium. 78,000 people have been confirmed dead and 56,000 still missing in Burma which was hit by a cyclone earlier this month. 22,000 are confirmed dead and another 28,000 are still missing presumed dead in China after a major Earthquake on Monday afternoon. The US have gotten off relatively lightly as tornadoes hit the states of Oklahoma and Missouri killing only 22 people. Although it is horrific to see so many lives wiped out prematurely, it seems justified when you consider major polluting countries like China and the US are accelerating global warming causing this sort of freak weather by constantly raping mother Earth.

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