Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye…

Plymouth Argyle lost to Wolves, and denied them a play-off place in the process by only allowing them to score once when they needed to score three to overturn Watford. So Plymouth remain in 10th place but could have made it as high as 8th if we managed to beat Wolves as Sheffield United lost to Southampton which meant that with Leicester only managing a 0 – 0 stalemate with newly promoted Stoke City. I find it quite ironic how one former Argyle manager gained promotion and another got relegated! So Mr. Holloway, how’s life at your BIG club now? I suspect that in the coming days you will be receiving your P45 in the post. Of course you’re always welcome at Home Park, we need a new tea boy!!! Despite losing to Wolves I am very happy, the Pilgrims put up a good show to deny Wolves a play-off place and were unlucky to lose in the 87th minute. Hollowords took his so called BIG club down to the third tier for the first time ever, not what Mr. Milan Mandaric imagined when he poached Holloway from Home Park. Holloway talks a good game, but even with the millions that Mandaric has poured into the club he failed to get the job done. So who is lacking ambition now? You’ll be lacking employment as I seriously doubt Mandaric will stand for this kind of failure! Now what would make it for me next season is for Argyle to get promoted to the Premiership, that’ll make Holloway GREEN with envy!!! Work tonight was made even better by the band dedicating their set [sarcastically] to Ian Holloway which was greeted by a huge cheer and chants of GREEN ARMY, which brought a smile to my face, WE ARE THE GREEN ARMY and don’t you forget it Mr Holloway!

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