Time to start having a life.

I need to start building up a life here in the UK instead of living on US time because of Erin. I am planning on going to the cinema a couple of times in the coming weeks to see Indiana Jones and The Incredible Hulk. I would prefer to go with someone but if no-one is up for it, I’ll go on my own. I would have normally downloaded the movie and watched it at home on the small screen so I’d be watching it alone anyway so I might as well enjoy it on the big screen with a loud surround sound system on my own, it’s only £2.70 Mon – Thurs and £3.70 Fri – Sun. I also plan to go to more games at Home Park next season, at least one a month and maybe *if* Argyle get to the play-off final even a trip to Wembley. I also plan on going to at least one cricket game to see Somerset play at Taunton, Phil said he was up for going to see a game once his finances are sorted out; so that’ll be fun and a new experience for me. A couple of beers sat on the boundary watching Somerset (hopefully) win. Also it would be cool to go camping again this summer, buying a tent isn’t that expensive then get down to Cornwall for a long weekend. These are all things that I used to do before the last couple of years but I got involved with a series of woman that I met on myspace and I stopped doing these things. Stephen will be coming back from Poland tomorrow so I’m sure that he’ll be up for doing some things. I also plan to make a trip up to Iceland to see my good friend Tomas and met his new wife Kolla during this year. I have nothing holding me back now I have a passport and flights are less than £180 return! It’s time to concentrate on finding the real ME and being happy within myself instead of needing a woman in my life!

A little about work; Wednesdays looked like being a disaster until we cracked open a special concoction and put an announcement over the microphone downstairs that there is free booze upstairs. You have never seen a room fill up so quickly in your life. I was sceptical about the people staying but they did, and Mike had the idea to make them request a song in return for a shot. So we played all the requests we had and most people did stay and bought much more booze from the bar. So that turned out to be a good night and I got suitably intoxicated as I had no reason to stay sober. Thursday was a complete wash out, it was supposed to be a charity event but there was confusion between the bands on who was headlining and bringing the drum kit. CPF thought that YGW were bringing the kit and YGW thought that CPF were bringing the kit and in the end no-one brought a kit! So only one band played and that was a punk band called HIV and The Positives and they played with a snare and metal bowl used as a hit-hat which was amusing to say the least and actually sounded pretty good considering. Friday was a great night all round, And So I Watch You From Afar, Chris Letcher, The Dharma Bums and The New Root all played on the night and were excellent, but I really loved And So I Watch You From Afar with their progressive rock tunes, and wouldn’t hesitate to see them again if they played locally. But I enjoyed it most of all because I had a real challenge to remember where I’d patched everything as there was a total of five keyboards, stereo laptop, four acoustic guitars, six electric guitars, five microphone drum set-up, and a violin as well as three vocals. And amazingly all the bands were happy with the sound on and off stage, so I was very happy with my nights work even If I was there for almost 8 hours. I was completely in my element; I work best when under pressure and last night I was under pressure to get it right as it was a big night with bands coming from Belfast, London, and Bristol. I have to say a big thank you to all the bands for being so nice and great people to work with; that’s what really made my night!

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