All Change: A New Start!

A lot has happened in the last few days. I suppose the biggest news is that I have moved out of Poland (e.g. the shared house where I was previously living) and I am staying with my dad for a couple of weeks until I can move in with my friend Mike who has a spare room and everything I need is there already, I’d rather give 300 pounds to a friend than a greedy landlord who doesn’t give a fuck. I was evicted from the house [very BIG Brother] today although I was going to hand in my months notice anyway as I am fed up of living in a house full of Polish people and barely hearing a word of English. It really bothers me that many foreign national comes to live and work in this country and can’t even be bothered to speak English 99% of the time. I apparently upset the Polish people in the house, probably for what I said in the previous sentence. They complained to the landlord and I found myself evicted, which is great, it just saved me £300 although I did lose my £200 deposit, but I am still £100 up. Anyway, I’m glad that I have been evicted from the house as I have saved money and had the opportunity to offload a whole load of stuff that I haven’t used in years, sold my TV and computer minus the 300GB secondary hard disk that I am now using as an external hard disk for my laptop, I’m never living in a shared house again, too complicated!

As Stephen is back in town for a couple of weeks (from Poland ironically), I have been going out and doing stuff with him the last two days. On Sunday I got a surprise text message from him asking if I wanted to do something. And we ended up in Looe walking around talking and catching up. Which was great for two reasons, one I haven’t seem him for six months and two it was great to just get out and do something. Stephen also helped me out today with the move which was great as it would have taken a whole load longer if he didn’t have the car. Later we went to play a game of pool and we were both rubbish but it was great fun. I am online here (obviously) because there is wireless broadband in the house, although I doubt Gloria and John know anything about it as they are not exactly very tech savvy. The network key is printed on the the BT Home Hub box which made getting access a lot easier. Which is wonderful as two weeks without the Internet would be a scary prospect.

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