Am I Racist?

Does having an opinion that all foreign nationals wanting to come live and work in this country should be forced to speak in English? It pisses me off that people come to live and work in the UK and they are not even required to learn the language. Most of the immigrant workers can barely string a few words of English together or maybe they just don’t want to. I don’t consider myself to be racist but if I were to move to China or Poland I would need to learn the language to build any sort of life there. But the communities of foreigners is so huge that they just stick to their own group and never even attempt to integrate. I was speaking with Kevin who also lives in my dad’s house and he said that the factory where he works is 90% Polish people and they all sit together and say the bare minimum they can to the few Englishmen that work there. If that opinion makes me racist then I guess that I must be racist. But I think that it’s good manners and etiquette to learn the language of your host nation and show respect to the local customs. Is that really too much to ask these people?

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