Day 4:… Erm… Day 5: Coming Home!

This is a first for me, writing a ‘blog entry on a train. It’s all gone swish on trains these days, power sockets for laptops, shame there isn’t any wi-fi. But I guess that I shouldn’t complain, I am writing this now as I have two hours to kill so I thought this would be a good way to do it! So day four in Poland, erm… yeah… hangover recovery day really after the over indulgences on day three. So really isn’t much to write about, so straight onto day five, going home. This trip has pretty much encompassed every form of transport possible. We drove over in the car, caught numerous trams, then the train to the airport. Then jumped on the plane back to Bristol, then got on a bus to take me to Temple Meads train station.

The thing I was most nervous about was flying as I was an flight virgin but there really was nothing to worry about. The airport was more stressful than the actual flight. I had problems understanding the EasyJet staff at Krakow airport then customs was next. I know that I hadn’t done anything wrong but they make me feel like I had, having to take nearly everything out from my bag, take my shoes off, belt, keys, mobile and other general pocket based wildlife. In the end it was OK but if you are a first time traveller, it’s quite traumatic facing that alone. Anyway, passed through security and queued again at the departure gate and my passport was checked for the third time. Then I walked through the gate and down some stairs and board a bus. While I am sat on the bus waiting for more people to board the bus I noticed that I had walked out of gate 3 and was starting to think have I got on the wrong bus. But it was fine in the end; it was the correct bus. The outside doors didn’t correspond to the gate numbers. I boarded the plane and found a seat and dumped my bag in the overhead locker. Then sat there and watched the safety instructions demonstrated exactly like I’ve seen on TV many times. Then I could feel the engines power up and we were taxi’ing onto the runway where we stopped for a minute. Then suddenly a huge burst of power came as the pilot opened the throttle, I expected it to be fast but not pin you back in your seat fast. As we ascended I could feel my ears succumbing to the pressure almost like having an earache until we levelled out at cruising altitude. Most of the flight was pretty smooth almost like we were actually on the ground. But the fun came as we came into land, I could feel my stomach drop and my ears popping like crazy as we descended and suddenly things because a little rougher with the turbulent air buffeting the plane around a little but the landing was surprisingly smooth, only a little bump and we were down. Apart from queuing as we always do in Britain, Bristol airport was relatively smooth, security just scanned my passport and off I went and pretty much got straight on the bus to Temple Meads and the train that I am on now. Although the train was 23 minutes late and it was cold, wet and windy as I stood on platform 10, my first thought was welcome back to Britain Jason! Now I can’t wait to get home so I can relax, all this travelling does take it out of you. Although I do have to work and my living arrangements are still to be resolved! Hopefully I will be able to stay at my dads for a while longer until Mike can sort out arrangements for me to move in. So that”s pretty much it, my little mini adventure to Poland is over and I’m now on the home stretch and should be home at about 4:30pm, then I need food BADLY. Woke up late and had to rush everything so had to skip breakfast; a decision I am not regretting. One little side note, I have been back in the UK for a little over two hours and have already spent more money in that time than I did in the whole of my time in Europe!

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