A little train journey!

Yesterday I was drinking until 6am in the morning then suddenly decided I was going to go to Newquay to hopefully meet Anita by almost calling her bluff after she left me a comment on MySpace saying “shouldn’t I have deleted me by now”. I left a comment back before deciding to jump on a train. I didn’t have much to lose except £7.50 and it would be a different day out for me as I don’t normally do things impulsively on my own. So I got on the train and texted Anita from the changover at Par. She still hadn’t replied an hour later when I arrived in Newquay so I texted her again. She finally replied after I had been sat on the beach for half and hour. Basically she told me that she as with a friend in hospital in Truro. So I had made a wasted journey and then it starts to hammer it down with rain and the next train back wasn’t for another hour. So I found myself wandering around Newquay with nothing to do for hours dodging the rain and I managed to forget my bank card so couldn’t even buy food! Not only that; because of my impulsive decision I hadn’t had any sleep and was still quite drunk and started to feel the effects of the hangover on the journey back which thankfully didn’t require me to change at Par. I eventually got home at 5pm and managed to grab two hours sleep before having to sit through five hours of hip-hop and funk which really isn’t my thing, then came home, cooked some food and passed out. At least one thing came out of this apart from getting wet is that Anita said that if she was there in Newquay she would have met me. I want to build something with her and if she wont really talk with me then we’ll need to base our friendship on experiences until she feels more comfortable talking to me about her past! I’m not giving up that easily on her!

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